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January 16, 2009

Bloch Shoes

Dan is assisting me on a shoe for Bloch shoes today, but why is he so low to check the light_AUS4020
Because we are shooting little ones today, Michael Azzolini tell the model where she has to stand and what she has to do , yeah, right, that will last about one second before she decides what she will do hehehe_AUS4010 _AUS4092 _AUS4115 _AUS4629 _AUS4354 _AUS4643 you're a star, I didn't write any comments above, because how many times could I say, cute, adorable etc...I tell you one thing though, one really needs to have a lot of patience to shoot kids plus you need to do it quick as they get bored and over very fast_AUS4844
baby shoes as well_AUS4876 young ladies_AUS4877 although this is a bit of a cheeky one ( good on her )_AUS4931 _AUS4943 _AUS4951
The Azzolini touch_AUS4972 _AUS5075 _AUS5357 _AUS5300 _AUS5510 _AUS5684 _AUS5594
Yeay , all done, that was a lot of work, but worth it. I t has been a loooong time since I shot children, and this was a good shoot, n'est pas ?


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Excellent post. It was very helpful for me.I knew little in this part before,Thank you for sharing!




I could put those little nimble fingers to work in one of beading factories...

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