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January 31, 2009

Christina Berger

After the gallery it is race of to ClubPhb for Christina Berger's show._BER2709 _BER2711
love those Austrian hiking boots ( Christina is Austrian )_BER2717
Nothing in life can ever be too big_BER2721 _BER2731 _BER2753 _BER2767 _BER2779 _BER2784 _BER2793 _BER2801 _BER2856 _BER2865 _BER2868 _BER2885 That was a fun show, a shame that some of the Berlin fashion crowd could not pull themselves away from their glasses of prosecco to come and watch this show


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i know, i know... but i had such a bad seeting, i couldn't get out of the suite, and the show kept on going and going... next time! going to meet rene, the organizer of christina's show in the next weeks to see what he's up for next fashion week - and will definitely not miss that one

I heard about this sock presentation, and Imean come on, a sock presentation !!!! Are you kidding me, you put them on your feet inside shoes with your jeans over the top , who gives a frit when you could have gone to Christina Berger


god damn, i missed it because i was stuck in a stupid sock presentation at hotel du rome, that did not end and I could not get out! wah, i regret that so so much! thanks for your pictures

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