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January 31, 2009

Kilian Kerner

Nice braiding_BER2947 Russians in town_BER2953
and Germans ofcourse, Toni Garrn_BER2976 _BER2990
Kasia Struss_BER2996 _BER3001
Toni again, they're floggin her , trying to get maximum exposure out of Toni_BER3014 _BER3023 _BER3042 _BER3056 _BER3063 _BER3081 _BER3086 _BER3099 _BER3105 _BER3113 _BER3120 _BER3135 _BER3142 _BER3155

German Boys at Kilian Kerner

_BER2919 _BER2921 _BER2926

Tedd Rall



After my last appointment, I met up with Nick and Iek as I wanted her to see Maripol'spolaroid exhibtion.
And that's Madonna in the background

East Berlin

Door bellP2010024
Light switch


On one of my walks to a presentation, I saw this "puddle" of water in the parkP2010018 I know , for some of you reading this it's like, what's the big deal, it's just ice
Well , we only get in freezers in Australia , and not in the middle of a park

Christina Berger

After the gallery it is race of to ClubPhb for Christina Berger's show._BER2709 _BER2711
love those Austrian hiking boots ( Christina is Austrian )_BER2717
Nothing in life can ever be too big_BER2721 _BER2731 _BER2753 _BER2767 _BER2779 _BER2784 _BER2793 _BER2801 _BER2856 _BER2865 _BER2868 _BER2885 That was a fun show, a shame that some of the Berlin fashion crowd could not pull themselves away from their glasses of prosecco to come and watch this show


Maripol, signing one of her pieces before the doors open for the exhibtion.
Benedict tagged along with me for a few shows ( Aussie boy based in Berlin , and working on FashionLab.de) and told me we ought to check out this vernissage at Gallery Sevenstar.
Maripol was there and has the polaroids to prove it, going everywhere with her sx70. Ended up workign with Madonna, doing all the merchandising for the Virgin tour after the success of the styling she did for Madonna Liek A virgin cover, working with Meisel. She has written, produced, directed countless low budget new york art films "Downtown 81 " "Just an American boy" "Face Addicts" and directed a documentary on Keith Harring for french TV called " Crack is Wack "_BER2684
As well as continues polaroid(-ing ) She also worked on lots of art films , short films and music videos for Cher, D'Angelo, EltonJohn, Luther Vandross etc..._BER2690
That's Madona in a pink wig at the top. I'm impressed at how good the prints turned out enlarged, keeping in mind that this is from a polaroid. So a high resolution scan , colour correction and then a good printer_BER2694
The gallery space was a classic, awesome building for an exhibtion, and love the old skool heating system


After Scala building we go deeper into the former East Berlin to a showroom for this fresh label. I asked Thoas to model a few of the outfits for me_BER2660
The collection is about dark shades and it`s nuances.
The unexpected moments, when strange things happen.
It allows for humor and mystics, surrealism and excitement_BER2666 _BER2674
Can also be worn without the hood

Postweiller Hauber

Presentation in this awesome old building , I think it was called Scala._BER2634
"Presentation of the collection AUSBAU – a collaboration between designer Raphael Hauber and photo artist Heinz Peter Knes."_BER2635 _BER2636 _BER2640 _BER2646 _BER2648 _BER2654