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January 31, 2009

Sissi Wasabi

Back on site for the only show I will cover here today, Sissi Wasabi_BER2463
Press kit
"The Sisi Wasabi vision is based on the tension between past and future (Sisi and Wasabi).
Zerlina von dem Busche distances her label from fleeting trends to create an authentic, exclusive high-end brand using luxurious materials."_BER2470
A lot of hairspray backstage, I'm sure I still have some in my nostrils_BER2474
Killer heels, was a wake up call for a few of the newer models_BER2480 _BER2489 _BER2494 _BER2503 _BER2507 _BER2539 _BER2548 _BER2556 _BER2565 _BER2567 _BER2568 _BER2585
Aussie girl from Brissie , Hannah_BER2588 _BER2606
The Hannah session_BER2607 _BER2609 _BER2610 _BER2619 _BER2624


After Markus it was a short stroll across the rivers to this off site show, held in their shop/design room_BER2380
The blurb on their website when you click "about" reads
Known for their unusual cuts and finest fabrics, Berlin-based duo von Wedel & Tiedeken, two former assistants of Vivenne Westwood, came together in 2003 and, with their first collection Spaceship Earth, were invited to take part in the Moet & Chandon Fashion Debut.
Friederike von Wedel-Parlow and Regina Tiedeken design for smart women with style. Each piece tells a story and is a combination of unusual cuts and finest fabrics. 'Our clothes can best be described as a mixture of elegance or femininity with a sporty touch. We always try to bring these two elements together in one item', says Friederike von Wedel-Parlow. 'Our clothes are relaxed and comfortable enough to be worn all day long, while at the same time being elegant enough to double as evening wear with heels'.
Friederike von Wedel-Parlow and Regina Tiedeken are both intellectual fashion designers , and they explore their vision not only in fashion but also in cross-disciplined projects such as costume and product design. Their passion for story telling results in the period costumes for the film My Name is Bach, and in various dresses used for German TV Series Tatort and Doctors’ Diary.
Von Wedel & Tiedeken have showcased their collections in Germany and in China ( Volkswagen Fashion Show Beijing), and present now their spring/summer collection Invisible in Paris at RENDEZ-VOUS FEMME.
Anna, have not seen her for a few seasons _BER2386
Used to come across her in Paris and New York regularly backstage_BER2395 _BER2400 _BER2409 _BER2414 _BER2422 _BER2431 _BER2428 _BER2436

Markus Lupfer

After the below par efforts on the official schedule yesterday, I decide today to skip a lot of the shows on site, and instead do the streets of Berlin for some of the shows off site and presentations, first up Markus Lupfer_BER2353
The press release reads "London-based german Designer Markus Lupfer addresses sophisticated fashionable women, who appreciate his feminine knitwear. Markus Lupfer is known for his knitwear, colourful prints and the use of leather, as well as for his accessories line and the variety of cooperation projects."_BER2356
Although in this presentation I did not see any strong knitwear, but I did see some feel some nice 100% Merino wool_BER2358 _BER2361 _BER2364 _BER2367
I feel quite confident in claiming those to be the lips of Grace Jones

January 30, 2009


Sharan is in town as well, although she flies out tonight to Sweden for a shoot then back again tomorrow, so will get her in front of the lens again I hope

View from Apartment

And those stacks have been going 24/7

Berlin at night

Berlin Dom Cathedral, only reason that water is not a sheet of ice, is because it is flowingP1310009 P1310006
That's enough, too cold, going back inside

Pancakes a-la- Iek

Hehehe, weird look on my face, I'm still defrosting, but I could smell that pancake from outside as soon as I got out the cab. Iekeliene makes these yummy pancakes, she puts cheese in the middle then fold it over and leave in the pan a bit longer so the cheese is all melted and then drown it in "Stroop "P1310014
See-ing if Sven's ( Projekt Gallerie ) cat will get into the pancake. Nick and Iek are staying with Sven while she is inBerlin for the exhibitionP1310015
Bjorgvind doesP1310011

Dirk Schonberger for JOOP

Dirk can't hack it, that's all I can say here for now.
So instead I go to Iekeliene's for some pancakes

Kaviar Gauche

After the book signing walk back ( freeeeeezing ) to the tent for , well I prefer to call it a presentation as opposed to a show, as I'm used to a show involving clothes_BER2247 _BER2237
And it certainly is a refreshing change from what else I seen today_BER2251 _BER2257 _BER2268 _BER2273 _BER2282 _BER2299 _BER2336 _BER2343

Veruschka von Lehndorff

After the show I went with the boys from Qvest to a book launch by none other than Veruschka (her real name is Vera Grafin von Lehndorff-Steinort, she changed it to sound more exotic, it worked as it was then that she started getting more bookings )
I like the text on the page she is holding up for me, she asked me to take her picture with this photo in her book, explaining that she was the first black president :-)
" It is often forgotten that a great fashion photograph has to be largely attributed to the stylist, the makeup artist. It is these creative forces who often remain in the shadow. Without the talents of Mathu Andersen, Jose Silva, Francois Nars, and Orlando Pita , for example, I could never have succeeded in being transformed into different characters like the first African American president, or a dog or Marilyn Monroe for the 'Veruschka Self-Portraits' series photographed by Andreas Hubertus Ilse." Vera Lehndorff_BER2209

An admirer.
Interesting fact , Richard from Qvest told me, and I fact checked this, as there is more to her, she came from a wealthy family, born in 1939, her parents were counts, and dad was Army reserve officer who joined the German resistance after seeing Jewish children being beaten and killed, and later was part of the conspiracy to kill Hitler and consequently executed, ( now in the cinemas, Valkyrie ) so she and the rest of the family got to spend the rest of the war in a concentration camp_BER2215