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February 25, 2009

A night in NYC with Da Carta

At the Rad Hourani show we worked out we were both staying at the same hotel, and of to Milan tomorrow so we planned to go out for dinnerIMG_0481 This , after we already had like 15 different dishes, yummmieeee. Told you Jac you would kill me when you saw this photoIMG_0482 yum, and I'm already full, ok, deep breath ...here we go IMG_0488 burp ( how rude )IMG_0492 after dinner we grab a limo( literally ) and head over to Greenwich , to the Kingswood club ( kingswood, not the bloody Kingswood )IMG_0494 Kingswood reminded me of Goodbar in Sydney ( late 80's  ) Sharan is here, hey why weren't you there for the pan cakes ( Hi Mum )IMG_0496 Robyn ( people Revolution )IMG_0499 Carta to the max :-)IMG_0504 well well well, turns out Kingswood is a Pilcher venture. Avalon boy Lincoln Pilcher, and the boys from TKsubi are involved as well. Everytime I been to NY always wanted to meet up with Lincoln as he has a restaurant, but always timed it when it was either being renovated, or the Italian festival was on or... still have not seen itIMG_0505 That's what Carta and I thought of the officeIMG_0506 George gorrow IMG_0507 Dan SingleIMG_0522 IMG_0528 IMG_0531 oh no, I been caught on camera, wonder where that will pop upIMG_0543 George explaining door policy to door men, Aussie good :-)
I had enough at this stage, and am supposed to be back at the hotel to meet Lee at another party, so off I go , out the door and straight into a cab, love NY for that.Unlike Paris, over priced and never can get one anyway


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I bet that night was great, of course I love Japanese food is delicious. good blog thanks for sharing.

Looks like a fun filled night, makes me nostalgic for the times I had back home. Did you get there by limo?

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So true about the cabs! I knewww we got a limo haha.. That kinngswood dungeon where r u man add me on my new facebook?? X
I forgot

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