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February 27, 2009

Out on the town with and without Manu

Have not seen Emmanuel for 4 months and we had a lot to catch up on, but I leave for Milan in the morning, so we meet up for dinner in Antwerp with some of his friends. And, well, basically I had a few too many of theseIMG_0607
On the way to a bar after dinner I bump into Fu and Nina, also just back from NewYork, she was working at the Proenza show, damn it I forgot , I could have gone to the show after all, That's the Cathedral in the background, and how's the jumper I'm wearing, granny made it, remember it Leen ?IMG_0612
After a few more drinks at the Ultimatum, Manu's friends want to go to the Que Pasa, where they have drag shows tonight. Sure I'm up for it, so there's me, Toni, Paul, Pholoso, Jan and Manu.Manu would be the one desperatly on the phone trying to find a way out of coming to the bar, and sure enough as we were walking to the gay bar, MAnu dissapeared ( pussy )IMG_0614 Beauty & the beastIMG_0617 IMG_0629a how's the make up, looking plasticIMG_0631 A bar full of men, oh and a few girls ( the butch variety) still was a fun night, but the shows are no way near as good as the ones I seen in Sydney


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