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February 27, 2009

Over the Alps

I had the whole row to myself in the plane, so had a little lie downIMG_0662
But lucky for me, the Captains announcement woke me up from my little snoozeIMG_0663
because these next few shots will be some of my favourites!IMG_0668
unbelievable, the detail IMG_0671 IMG_0672 IMG_0673
Powder runs !!IMG_0675
how many mountainsIMG_0678 IMG_0679 IMG_0683 going into the south side of the AlpsIMG_0684 IMG_0686
turning to MilanIMG_0689 IMG_0688


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"Coup de coeur" means : loving something impulsively, irrationaly, immediately.


même coup de coeur


meaning same desire or same love of nature ?
Or same what I can't get enough off
It is hard to transalte this in English

J'ai fais exactement le même voyage Paris / Milan cet hiver ! Même montagnes, même neige, même coup de coeur ;)

Have a nice week ^^

yeah I was going to say Lord of the Rings

wow, amazing. otherworldly, actually.

No worries. I gave your video ***** stars

Eva (o:

I just wanted to go ski-ing !
Thanks for voting


Wow, you took some awesome shots of the alps. I especially love the 9th photo down. Must have been breath taking to see that from the plane.

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