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February 25, 2009

Pannekoeken Feestje (Legally these photos are NOT to be used on Fashion Forums !!! )

We had one in Berlin, so now time for one in New York, and as a few people were leaving the next day already tonight was the night. Kim was on cooking duty when I turned upIMG_0370
JD snaps a pancakeIMG_0372 FumiIMG_0373 with camera and beer , a happy girl indeedIMG_0374 IMG_0375 IMG_0379 Iek & JDIMG_0381
Super cool light, lightbulbs strung together , I want IMG_0382 IMG_0392 The dutch club, but where's Sharan and BetteIMG_0398 Fumi, beer, camera and boys :-)IMG_0400
we love polaroidsIMG_0415 JonasIMG_0417
Iek about to flip a pancake, this will be funIMG_0422 here we go , drum rollIMG_0423
ooops ,where's that goingIMG_0424 pancake anyone ?IMG_0419 PrestonIMG_0427 Jonas and MatthewIMG_0428 Alison and Iek, did not see Alison at the shows. She kept herself busy with some projectsIMG_0431 Bunny and heart biscuitsIMG_0435 IMG_0439 IMG_0453 catching the L backto ManhattanIMG_0454 IMG_0455 with a belly full of pancakes, cheese and maple syrup ( had no stroop )

n.b. you can link back to this post, but you can not grab these photos and put them on forums or chat rooms !

Seven and Hintmag party

Iek's mate Sarah Spratt gets to play door bitch tonightIMG_0113
Pablo, from People's revolution, and Masha OrlovIMG_0145 Steve, oops, Martin Cohn and Daul KimIMG_0148
This time with Rad HouraniIMG_0152
Pablo and MashaIMG_0163 Daul , and her Korean camera crew ( they are following her around and doing a doco- does this mean I'mon Korean TV now ? )IMG_0164 Daul Kim & Preston ChumsumdlitIMG_0175
In the DJ booth with Tronik YouthIMG_0184
Tronik Youth ( I can already hear Jacqui cringe just from the name of the DJ, you see, she's a rock girl and anything to do squeels and buttons she hates )IMG_0196
Hats , made from Bubble wrap, genius  IMG_0204 Lee Carter and DaulIMG_0208 Lee and Joseph Quartana ( or hintmag and Seven )IMG_0218 New York peepsIMG_0249 Joseph on the door for a smoke.I don'tknow how he did it, with his jacket and shirt open, I was standing here with all my clothes on ( you would have hoped so ) 2 jackets, scarf, beanie and gloves and Iwas still freezing


IMG_0100 On Valentines day, the hotel staf must have been feeling sorry for , knowing my love was all the way back in Australia, so I get home to this they left in my room. Staff at Grand hotel are so nice !IMG_0098
It was really rich and yummy

New York, just how I pictured it

at a presentationIMG_0054 you catch a lot of these when in NYCIMG_0056 and Taxis, but you work out after a while at what time of day which is quicker ( roughly, day time metro quicker, night time taxi quicker )IMG_0057
Greg KesslerIMG_0062
Assistant Jonathan and Robert FairerIMG_0069
B/S Alexander WangIMG_0071
Town obsessed with Celebs, always causing mayhem B/S ( hate it -ban the celebs I say )IMG_0075 X ,  marks the spotIMG_0081 Hannelore KnutsIMG_0083
Polaroid line up boardIMG_0086 Sean " Puff Daddy" CunninghamIMG_0088 JD FergusonIMG_0272 Went to go up and shoot the show, but the backstage was a cupboard, so I opted not to shoot it and grab a bite insteadIMG_0284 View of the tents in Bryant ParkIMG_0285 Good idea Jonathan. Robert, me and JonathanIMG_0291
Jeeez it was cold walking there for this show, Pier 40 on the riverIMG_0294
Building on the west sideIMG_0323 Tim Blanks interviewing Marc Jacobs straight after his Marc Jacobs show, I listened in and it was a great interview, you should try and catch it on style.comIMG_0343 road caseIMG_0345 Marc by Marc Jacobs models showing JD some loveIMG_0452
Love this picture, the lights !

February 24, 2009

Sonny spotted with Kanye West

Well, that's what Yolanda thought for half a second when she saw this photo, but yolanda, I left those Ray Bans with Jacqui in Avalon, so could not have been me

Rad Hourani

Rad and two of his models, notably Tanya D ( she did last season as well...a fan  ? )_NYC1281 _NYC1282 everyone is loving these shoes, including Hamish_NYC1292 _NYC1299 Carta in da house _NYC1301 Christina ( more Aussies )_NYC1308 _NYC1310 _NYC1320 _NYC1330 _NYC1336 _NYC1339_NYC1344 Carta has the bomb pants on_NYC1363 _NYC1369 _NYC1373 _NYC1378

Chado Ralph Rucci

The boots on Jessiann_NYC1013 Xiao Yi Dai_NYC1034
Michelle Westgeest_NYC1037 Elena_NYC1044
The masters adjusts the jacket on Katerina_NYC1047
Oh my, it's Karen, have not seen her in 3 years or more, did a great shoot with Karen in Cape Town, was awesome as we were shooting at this fantastic secluded fisherman's beach, and we used no make up on her , except for lip-gloss on the eyelids and she had those lips the make up artist was going crazy about_NYC1053 Elena Melnik_NYC1064 Katia Kokoreva and Jessiann Gravel_NYC1067 Katia_NYC1081
Rucci's girls_NYC1085 Roza Gough_NYC1108 Mia Rosing_NYC1114 Eugenia Mandzhieva_NYC1121 Jessiann_NYC1127 Colette Pechekhonova and Zenia_NYC1142 Michelle_NYC1152 Nana Keita_NYC1166 Xiao_NYC1177 Gate_NYC1188 Milagros Schmoll_NYC1191 _NYC1195 Xiao_NYC1207 Tonia_NYC1240 go the latins_NYC1253 Katerina

February 23, 2009


Runway order. Macqua are still relatively new to this town, they moved over from Berlin ( good move ) a few seasons ago_NYC9564 _NYC9583
Lais_NYC9598 Serafima_NYC9604
working the bag for me ( any comments BB ? )_NYC9643 _NYC9648
Go the dutchies_NYC9657
Ksenia_NYC9664 _NYC9667
Alexandra Tretter_NYC9682
Hyoni and Pernille_NYC9690
Alexina and Serafima_NYC9700 _NYC9707
Kinee_NYC9713 _NYC9718 _NYC9723 _NYC9728
Serafima, focus on fashion_NYC9730 or zooming in on fashion_NYC9734 _NYC9741 _NYC9749 _NYC9752 _NYC9767

Zac Posen

Sigrid Agren_NYC0454
Freja and Catherine_NYC0460
Chanel_NYC0466 Raquel Zimmerman_NYC0471
Amanda Laine_NYC0488
Karlie Kloss ( will become legendary )_NYC0503
Freja Beha Erichsen_NYC0515
Magdalena Frackowiak_NYC0530 Heidi Mount_NYC0537
Du Juan_NYC0543 Eniko Mihalik_NYC0549
Iris Strubegger_NYC0564
Chanel's boots_NYC0568
Myf Shepherd_NYC0574
And again ( she did not like the first shot, and Myf's right,this is a better shot, thanks Myf )_NYC0581
Sigrid_NYC0586 Anna Jagodzinska gets a wink in_NYC0592 _NYC0597 Sasha_NYC0600 Karlie Kloss_NYC0602
Georgina Stojilkovic_NYC0608 Coco Rocha ( who it turns out has family up the road in Palm Beach )_NYC0616
Ksenia Kahnovich_NYC0620
Jessica Miller_NYC0625 _NYC0629
Jourdan Dunn_NYC0640
Mia Rosing_NYC0645
Raquel ( Oscar ready )_NYC0665
Hannelore Knuts ( Queen of cool )

Kai Kuhne

Daria Strokous. Great collection from Kai, enjoy the following photos_NYC0122 Elena_NYC0141
Serafima and Daria_NYC0150 Emma Pei_NYC0157
Lais Oliveira and Viviane Orth_NYC0179
China is in the house_NYC0181
nice detail on Serafima's outfit_NYC0187 New comer Alek ( who didn't feel like having her photo taken...ahem.'scuse me, or rather WTF !!, so I grabbed Kai and ask him to snap her into shape, which he promptly did of course )_NYC0203
Daria, those blue eyes, amazing no ?_NYC0214 Adama Diallo and Timoxa Timoschenko_NYC0238
Timoxa, also has those blue eyes ( hehehe, remember when all those hollywood movies, all the leading actors had blue eyes, like there was no exception )_NYC0249 Rachel Alexander_NYC0266
Lais_NYC0277 Serafima Vakulenko_NYC0282
Iris Strubegger_NYC0291
Something just happend to her eye_NYC0305
Elena Melnik_NYC0327
Wanessa Milhomem_NYC0340 Kai and the bitch, or the Boss and Kai_NYC0346
another new girl, but she has no problem with me taking photos_NYC0351
It's all about Natalie's shoes in this photo, isn't it Natalie_NYC0362 _NYC0376
It's the finale, and the dog starts chasing his own tail with all the clapping and whistling going on backstage_NYC0384
Kai goes out for his bow_NYC0389
And so does the bitch boss, chasing it's tail as it does_NYC0390 _NYC0391 _NYC0394 _NYC0404 _NYC0402 _NYC0413 _NYC0409 _NYC0419 _NYC0430
Well done