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95 posts from February 2009

February 17, 2009

United Bamboo

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Sorry folks, but my posts will be a bit slow from now, too many shows, and not enough me time ( to sleep and have a decent meal ) so am somewhat run down, but I will try to put at least something up everyday_NYC5251 _NYC5263 _NYC5272 _NYC5287 _NYC5296 _NYC5304 _NYC5330 _NYC5335 _NYC5373

February 15, 2009

Meanwhile in Fire ravaged Australia


Victor Glemaud

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Stephanie Carta is in town !_NYC5141 _NYC5145 _NYC5158 _NYC5164 _NYC5167 _NYC5179 _NYC5187

Patrick Rzepski

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Robert Geller

that's be Rogier_NYC4919
swinging_NYC4941 _NYC4943 _NYC4960 _NYC4964 _NYC4969 _NYC4973 _NYC4979 _NYC4990 _NYC4997 _NYC5010 _NYC5012 _NYC5024

February 14, 2009

Rag & Bone

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Coco , back form 2 months in Sydney_NYC4807
Heidi Mount_NYC4810 _NYC4819 _NYC4822 _NYC4836 _NYC4856 _NYC4861 _NYC4867 _NYC4870 _NYC4873 


backstage beauty_NYC4472
Yes, designer is Spanish_NYC4533
Timoxa and Vika_NYC4538
New Aussie girl in town, Brigette from Perth ( we did see her in Sydney Fashion week though, but this is her first season overseas )_NYC4580 _NYC4572 _NYC4577
Marina_NYC4614 _NYC4643
The Spanish girls_NYC4663 _NYC4697
Showing of his undies_NYC4703
Vika_NYC4721 _NYC4737

Duckie Brown

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