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11 posts from March 2009

March 22, 2009

Dust & Dirt in the air

With Flash on cameraIMG_0710
No flash...so now look at the one with flash again, and then take a moment to absorb the fact that all that shit in the air we are actually breathing in...scary

Spotted backstage at Frankie Morello

And I know so many of you out there can relate to this t-shirt

Backstage at Gaetano Navarra


Gaetano Navarra

First show in Milan , and first photo in Milan, so very apt it is of my friend Iek_MIL0011 _MIL0032 _MIL0017 _MIL0041
recognise any of the above girls_MIL0046
Iris ( fresh from Vogue cover )_MIL0056
Hannelore ( had a good run in New York, and now in Milan as well, fantastic !! )_MIL0076
Ieke(bunny)liene_MIL0090 Tanya _MIL0096
new girl on the block, comments please, as to her name_MIL0128
oh my gawd , they killed Kenny_MIL0132 so southpark that hood_MIL0134
Love those pants, justwant to get her on a horse_MIL0149 Les Deux Bunnies !! or ...Bunnies on the red carpet _MIL0157
Loving all the shapes/forms in this collection_MIL0170 _MIL0175 Tanya_MIL0189

March 16, 2009

Should we really be doing this to our kids ?

I'm sorry, some of you might find this funny, where as I find this very alarming. And then they wonder why we get such mentally unstable people later on in life. I'm sorry but this is just Fu(k@d up. Poor kid. Sure , you can say better than the pain,but I'm sure a local anaesthetic would have done the trick without sending the kid into an "un" real world

March 12, 2009

I'm on the cover of Hintmag

So click here for the slide show and here for Hintblog ( pic on left of Iekeliene at Galliano , and McQueen on the right )

Net Neutrality

March 07, 2009



First three shows are up on hintmag slide show, more will be up in a few hours, so be sure to come back and clickytieclick I'm sorry I have not posted any photos myself, but seriously , I just have not had the time, I am so busy, so in the next week I will add all my favourite shots from Milan and Paris , but for now, check out my slide show on hintmag

March 01, 2009

HINTMAG Mialn Slide show


HintMilan First pics from Milan are up , click her to view, but more will be added , so be sure to come back again

HINT Beauty Milan

Lee Carter ( Hintmag ) made a post of a few of the beauty shots from Milan, well worth a look
Me, myself, I've just not had any time to post images ( will have a lot of catching up to do ) having super slow internet connection does not help either ( what's up with that Milan )