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76 posts from April 2009

April 30, 2009

Dion Lee

Make up , backstage Dion Lee. First show for the day, so an early start for a lot of us ( not as early for the photographers of course ) And we are in a car park in Kings Cross_SYD2313 Last minute stitching _SYD2324 _SYD2358 Reflection with Myf_SYD2403 Don't know why thos sign is up right at the back of the room, in a car park_SYD2466 Myf to open the show, this shot ran on the New York times website the moment, pretty stoked to be doing coverage for them, click
_SYD2473 _SYD2491 _SYD2527 _SYD2534 _SYD2568 _SYD2571 _SYD2592 _SYD2610 _SYD2627 _SYD2641 _SYD2645 Dion Lee , graduated last year, and so words like extraordinary are apt in describing his skills

April 29, 2009


Micky_SYD3681 _SYD3685 _SYD3748 _SYD3758 _SYD3779 _SYD3784 _SYD3803 _SYD3855 _SYD3871

April 27, 2009

Nicola Finetti

_SYD2019 _SYD2020 _SYD2024 _SYD2035 _SYD2047 _SYD2051 _SYD2061 _SYD2074 _SYD2076 _SYD2078 _SYD2083 _SYD2096 _SYD2101 _SYD2111 _SYD2123 _SYD2132 _SYD2137 _SYD2191 _SYD2205 _SYD2211 _SYD2213

Therese Rawsthorne

A little bit of Texas in front of the opera house_SYD1591 Emma_SYD1601 Myf, on a 48 hour stretch, just arrived from Paris, straight to agency/press conference/backstage make/show and then shows all week, shoot saturday and sunday fly back to Paris and I doubt she'll be sleeping on the monday. Yes, the glamourous life_SYD1607 _SYD1907 _SYD1913 _SYD1915 _SYD1926 _SYD1929 _SYD1943 _SYD1949 _SYD1952 _SYD1956 _SYD1958 _SYD1959 _SYD1963

Wayne Cooper

Sharan Bala is datchu ?_SYD1526 _SYD1535 _SYD1633 _SYD1647 _SYD1682 _SYD1688 _SYD1700 Simon Lock coming backstage for a sticky beek_SYD1722 _SYD1764 _SYD1789 _SYD1791 _SYD1801 _SYD1812 _SYD1837 _SYD1840 _SYD1844 _SYD1856


Rachel_SYD1031 Rehearsal_SYD1037 Front of house, finalizing the seating arrangements_SYD1041 backstage, TV interview before the show_SYD1092 Final girl arrived from previous show, so all hands on deck to get her ready_SYD1106 group hug_SYD1112 _SYD1129 _SYD1136 _SYD1146 _SYD1165 _SYD1204 _SYD1209 _SYD1238 _SYD1251 1 min till show time_SYD1262 _SYD1315 _SYD1330 _SYD1346 _SYD1355 _SYD1368 _SYD1379 _SYD1389

Ginger & Smart

Mak ( looks like she's becoming one of my faves, . . ok, she was already after Berlin )_SYD0708 _SYD0720 Valeriya_SYD0730 Rachel ( my prediction for one to watch )_SYD0751 _SYD0754 Mak_SYD0797 _SYD0834 _SYD0858 _SYD0876 _SYD0879 _SYD0886 _SYD0891 _SYD0899 _SYD0902 _SYD0912 _SYD0921 _SYD0928 _SYD0941

Bec & Bridge

_SYD0450 _SYD0482
Cassie_SYD0505 _SYD0516 _SYD0523 Simone ( model I did the shoot with in the dunes for KAREN magazine back in January )_SYD0535 Jack ( it will be his birthday on friday-last year it was on the thursday )_SYD0542 _SYD0546 _SYD0566 _SYD0569 _SYD0590 _SYD0593 _SYD0595 _SYD0600 _SYD0602 _SYD0626 _SYD0630 _SYD0648 _SYD0672 _SYD0674

Camilla & Marc

Emma and Mak , backstage in make up_SYD0095
reading magazine in morning sun_SYD0133
Imelda is calling it Jungle Fever_SYD0142
Camilla and Marc, beauty as how they see it_SYD0146 _SYD0207 Vanessa and Maddy_SYD0225
Emma Balfour _SYD0271 _SYD0275 _SYD0293
They do bags now_SYD0305
Valeriya_SYD0337 Mak ( attak )_SYD0346 Madeleine_SYD0390 Emma_SYD0397 Vanessa_SYD0409 _SYD0418
Camilla &_SYD0420 Marc

April 26, 2009

Friedrich Gray

Eyebrows_AUS8913 _AUS8923 Mak ( remember her from Berlin fashion week ) and Hannah ( actually was also there in Berlin )_AUS8925 _AUS8931 taking pics with my camera_AUS8937 Eyes_AUS8954 _AUS8974 Miss Glasby_AUS8985 Emma Balfour, is this the first shot of Emma back doing runway shows ?_AUS8991 Sophie, Kerry and new girl_AUS9003 _AUS9006 Like the hair on Hannah_AUS9018 _AUS9021 _AUS9034 _AUS9037 Emma B._AUS9051 _AUS9057 _AUS9075 _AUS9079 Emma, and Friedrich designer Ben Pollitt