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May 11, 2009

Anna +Boy

_SYD8846 _SYD8852 _SYD8860 _SYD8875
Look at Steve's form ! :-)
_SYD8888 _SYD8894
Go Stacy, I mean Beth_SYD8895 _SYD8896 _SYD8902 _SYD8922 _SYD8923 _SYD8954
Cassi ( model contestant )_SYD8961 _SYD8992 _SYD8996 _SYD9002 _SYD9015 _SYD9026 _SYD9032 _SYD9037 _SYD9045 _SYD9057 _SYD9068


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Thanks Rachel, but must agree with Jac;s about the lips


The clothes and your photos are great

Eugh. That hair and the lip-liner. They just look like drag queens. It's so distracting from the clothes.

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