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May 31, 2009

Tin City - The Finished Product

Gown by Aurelio Costarella, wedges by ZuSonny_tincity3
Strapless gown by Toni MaticevskiSonny_tincity4
Alex Perry gown, latex gloves from ReactorSonny_tincitydps-1
Gown J'Aton beaded, gladiator stilettos by GucciSonny_tincity7
Skirt worn as gown by Jessie Hill, gloves by Dents, cuff by Elke KramerSonny_tincity8
Dress by J'Aton, stilettos by Terry Biviano, gloves by Gucci
All shots appeared in Issue 8 of KAREN mag, on newsstands now ( hint, go buy it , support independent magazines )
Big big BIG thank you to Suzie from PIX to let me have Ben for the day, Michael Azzollini for finding time in his crazy, busy schedule and work with me on this shoot, Victoria Barron for making Simone look hotter than she already is , and also making sure all of us did not get too sunburnt, Travis Balcke for puttting all that gel in Simone's hair and keeping it schlick(mick), and not let the wind get a hand on loose bits flying in her face. Simone Kerr for dealing with the heat,Heather Cairns for keeping the sand out of the clothes, Jacqui Turner for documenting it all and sneaking in a kiss when no one was looking.
HUGE thanks to Robbie Crawford for letting me use his house and the people from Tin City.
Lastly Marian Simms, Editor in Chief and Publisher from KAREN for being a fan of my photos


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Oh thanks Sonny!! glad you like it :)

Hi Ana ( pigs do fly ) thanks for your comment
And I love all the things you post on your blog


Wow these pictures look amazing! And the location is really great, too...!
Thank you for the behind the scenes photos. I always find it really interesting to see them because I've never been to a real photshoot before but I want to learn as much as possible. :)
Have a good day and keep up the great work (I know you will! ;))

hard work pays off.
looks great man.

OMG I'm dying; i love all your photos but if I have to pick a fave shoot, this is IT.

Sonny you rock. Also loooved the photo in front of the Syndey Opera house with model poking her cheeks, noiiice !

PS will get back to you RE houseswap but for the moment it seems the timing may not work out...

Fabulous! And I really enjoyed reading all the behind the scenes stuff - Thanks! :)

wow!! i said this before and i'll say it again: great location! and great team (prev. post)!

Thanks Leentje

And no retouching Hannah

really beautiful photography sonny!

Omigosh, look at that sky! x

Thanks Eva

Beaut shots Sonny. They look great.

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