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July 31, 2009

Wish Shoot

Shooting with JAy and Todd form Wish today, so we got the studio set up, camera and capture on computer, leads and cables everywhere. We first shoot a campaign shot for the younger brand, and then we will be doing a look book for the rest of the afternoon

sunrise shot on my way into town

woauw, and it's a beauty tooIMG_3299
with those thin clouds on the horizon, niceIMG_3300
Still looking dark towards the city and getting pinked up by early morning lightIMG_3301
is that 2 solid lines heading into Av ?IMG_3302 aaaaaaaaarrgh, and I'm in studio all day todayIMG_3303
love all these coloursIMG_3304 IMG_3305

Afternoon Surf

IMG_3294 Small surf at Avalon, I have been out there though, having a little bit of fun on the malIMG_3296
Have not surfed in Winter for a long time, well, I guess Byron and Queensland does not count as it is not as cold up there, but I did not have a full length wetsuit anymore ( steamer) but I just bought one ( jeez , they're expensive these days compared to 8 years ago ) and it is such a great wetsuit, super warm and dry , love it, surfing in winter again, without getting the chills :-)IMG_3297
But the sun sets pretty quick

July 30, 2009

Tedd Rall


Ti + Hann

If in Hasselt next week, be there. Click on image to view a bit larger

July 29, 2009

What a beautiful place we live in

Pick the kids up from school , and go for an afternoon walk at PittwaterIMG_3231
Jac's golf fence ( we walk along Pittwater, next to Palm Beach golf course)IMG_3233
Stop in the grass for an afternoon snackIMG_3234
The seaplane terminal IMG_3238
At Barrenjoey boat rental, check out a boat we might want to hire in summerIMG_3244
nice glassesIMG_3247
hmmmm, bring on summerIMG_3250
woaow, have not been inside the "tea house" for a long time, and it is totally changed for the better, no wonder Jacqui asked me a while back to have breakfast here, at the time, I gave her the look of death , as in "are you kidding me " "there" , but I will take her up on the offer next time, vast improvement, well, a different place nowIMG_3251
lovely, I could have said this was taken in Thailand, and no reason why you would not believe meIMG_3254
Time to pull out the wide angle macro adaptorIMG_3259
feeling relaxedIMG_3263
note to parents . So much better to take your kids for a walk as opposed to plonking them down in front of the TV for the afternoon ( or getting them to play video games )IMG_3267 nice afternoon lightIMG_3269 must be 5 o'clock, sun's about to setIMG_3279
still prettyIMG_3286 looking westIMG_3287 looking eastIMG_3288 as we bid adieu for the dayIMG_3293
to a beautiful place we live in

July 28, 2009

Eddy Ming

meeting up with mi mate Eddy today, and decided to go to the fishmarkets for lunch, and that way I can meet up with another mate, Carlo, and get some seafood from him while I'm thereIMG_3217 yummy, crab and prawns !IMG_3218

July 27, 2009

Winter Sunrise at Avalon

sitting in the car nice and warm, for my - I can't remember the last time I saw the sun come up in winter -shotIMG_3203
big cloud , blocking the moment of gloryIMG_3208
and here she comesIMG_3213
but I jump back in the car, still need a bit of getting used to this brisk air after places like croatia and italy summer a few weeks ago to Sydney winter air

how to beat jet lag . . . go for a walk

I am glad that the council are putting up signs like this, you have a stretch of council land, which is open for the public to enjoy a walk along the cliff edge. So one side cliff, and on the other side backyard of private homes, so some of these home owners deiced their property might be worth more, if they have a nicer clear view of the ocean if they cut down a tree that sits on the strip of council land, which is illegal, so now , instead of a clear view, they no longer have the filtered view of the ocean seen through tree branches , but a big bright bold yellow sign , which reads

" Trees in reserve have been vandalised/poisened. Pittwater council will pay a reward of up to $10,000 for information which leads to a successful prosecution of any person or persons who willfully damage trees in this area "IMG_3158
It is a good view, and 10 points to the council, basically, fu@k with the trees and we will plonk a big sign in front of your house, and no need to point a finger at who did it, as it is obvious which house was trying to get a better view . What a way to get on well with the neighbours, and what a way to devalue your property, especially when you just cut the tree as you are putting your house on the market, thinking this will add a few dollars to the value, I mean look at the view, where as now, potential buyers come in for an inspection and get a nice visual yellow sign , smack bang in the middle of the great ocean view, hahaha, finally the council gets something rightIMG_3159
This is a good little walk by the wayIMG_3161
Jac's, the sign and the house in questionIMG_3162
ok,let's go for a walkIMG_3164
what a view from up hereIMG_3167
winter sunIMG_3168 IMG_3170 baby black boyIMG_3172 IMG_3173 IMG_3174 IMG_3177 Pittwater reflectionsIMG_3179
so nice to come back to this place after Europe, don't get me wrong , I love Europe, love the culture, history, but the air the space the. . .  well the essence of pure natureIMG_3180 IMG_3187
going going goneIMG_3188 speaking of nature, wht's that creature hiding in the trees, don't spot it ,here, I'll zoom inIMG_3189
some one left a little somethign for others to enjoy ( or get freaked out by )IMG_3196
made it back the car park just in time
So yeah, I was really tired this afternoon, jet lag was kicking in, could easily have lied down for a nap, but then I knew I would wake up at 2am or so , wide awake.So going for a walk to keep awake and then go to bed at a normal time is the best solution I think

July 26, 2009

Tedd Rall

Non europeans might not know about the factory workers in Europe and how the workers there are taking some matters into their own hands. But this is so so true