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July 01, 2009

Lanvin Boys

_SYD8594 _SYD8597 _SYD8602 _SYD8604 _SYD8605 _SYD8609 _SYD8612 _SYD8613 _SYD8614 _SYD8619 _SYD8622 _SYD8631 _SYD8639 _SYD8650 _SYD8663 _SYD8664 _SYD8671 _SYD8676 _SYD8679 _SYD8700
this is what happens when you have late nights form all the fittings, then early morning call times, you get in front of the mirror still a bit bleary eyed, and you cut yourself shaving, ouch


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