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July 01, 2009

Paul Smith

_SYD8954 _SYD8967
It was so hot backstage, that prior to the show starting , all the models were walking around topless. I was waiting for them to get dressed , so I could take some pictures, but then again, after 10 min I said to myself what's wrong with a bit of flesh_SYD8971 _SYD8975 _SYD8978 _SYD8981
oh oooh, someone dribbled pee on their shoe, who was it_SYD8986 _SYD8992 _SYD8999 _SYD9003 _SYD9010 _SYD9020 _SYD9022 _SYD9049 _SYD9051 _SYD9062 _SYD9065 _SYD9085 _SYD9092 _SYD9096 _SYD9099 _SYD9111 _SYD9114 _SYD9125 _SYD9129 _SYD9141 _SYD9149 _SYD9153 _SYD9159 _SYD9177 _SYD9183 _SYD9190 _SYD9193 _SYD9198 _SYD9202 _SYD9218


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