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July 01, 2009


Diane & I had a few hours to kill before the Romain show, so Diane invited me to come along to a presentation of the launch of the Wunderkind menswear range.
GladI did , as it was in this amazing house on Rue Bac, at first they were very concerned about me taking pictures, which I can understand if they have a press pack with better pics than what I would take, but thye had no alternative, and when I showed them this firstpic, they reluctantly let me take some more photos ( when I say they, it was just this one guy who clearly has issues to deal with )_SYD9240 but for now let's concentrate  on these great clothes master Joop has put together_SYD9242 _SYD9243 _SYD9245 _SYD9247 _SYD9249 _SYD9254 _SYD9257 _SYD9259 _SYD9262


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