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52 posts from August 2009

August 28, 2009

Scratch Perverts Blow your mind


August 26, 2009

My Exhibition in NewYork

Sonny invite 1
Would love to see you there

Kayaking on Pittwater

Jacqui's friends have told her that on one of their latest kayaking trips across pittwater , that their kayak was nudged by what they believe to be a shark ( it is not impossible so... ) But we all decided to go for a little kayaking expedition anyway ( even if we did stay a bit closer to the rocks and not really ventured out into the middle )P8240002
See-ing the joey from a different angleP8240004
Some beautiful rock formations out here, can you already see a model on top ? I can ...stylists please !P8240007
The mouth of the hawkesbury river, now there's a spot I would not go swimming, as there, I believe there to be sharks lurking for a meal for sure

Bet you your girlfriend can't do this

In Australia, when you have a car older than 3 years ( or is it 5 years ) every year you have to re new your car's registration, which involves a mechanical and safety control, now big open gashing rusty holes are a safety issue ( you try living near the beach and not get rust on your car ) So nearly every australian has had a go at "putty-ing up" or " Bogging"  the holes of rust to pass the control and get another 12 months to drive your car. Now I had never really done this before, and Jacqui was in there in a heartbeat, keen to prove how good she isIMG_0786
Jac's technique involves putting some newspaper and chicken wire inside first, so it the putty mix will hold plus you don't end up wasting a whole can on filing the insidesIMG_0962
Then she fills it up, and the trick is to so as smooth as possible to minimise all the sanding work once the putty has gone hard, and a good mix starts to go hard in 15-20 minutes, so it's not like you got all day to try and smooth itIMG_0963
putt putt putt putting away
bit of backlit putty work, all done with a smile of courseIMG_1201
and voila, a few days later and new car registration, Jac's the panel beater with finished productIMG_1204

now I bet you are not as lucky as me to have a girlfriend that can do that for you


A Shaded View On Fashion Film Festival

August 20, 2009

Myer Spring Summer Show for 09/10

So last night was Myer's turn at previewing their collection that will be on sale in their stores for the coming summer_BEL3973
Of course Rachael was there_BEL3976
Beth and Vanessa Milde_BEL3979
The awesome Simone Kerr was there, some of you might remember Simone as the model for our great shoot for KAREN mag at Tincity
Aaaah, the shoes as always are painfull_BEL3996 Team Tallulah, hope to see you in New York T.M._BEL4001 cute_BEL4006
One bikini, two bikini, three bikini go ..._BEL4020
Alexandra Agoston rocking_BEL4045
Didn't take that many pics, as it turns out I was not really supposed to be backstage, but hey , what harm could I do. So I just hung back a bit, and well, we sort of already seen most of this collection when it was first shown to us at the fashion week in Sydney back in April, but a nice refresher none the less.
For more pics and a bit more of a story ( becuase I'm such a great writer ) go to the Frockwriter for a bit more

August 19, 2009

Dean Tirkot

Fellow photographer,Dean Tirkot, makes a great little video clip , using the Canon camera, with oneof my fav models Vanessa Breur


Meeting up with the lovely Abbie Muntz from Fauxpink to go over the editorial shoot I did for KAREN mag with Rachel Rutt, and Abbie is in the middle of retouching. I'm blown away at all the layers, I think I'm being nifty with photoshop when I have a image open and working on three layers, Abbie is in the double digits, blows my mind

Another day , another sunrise

but I'm down here about 45 min later than my usual sunrise shotIMG_3638
looks like a fun little wave out there even though the tide is filling it up

Banana Time

Now my friends in Europe will hate thisIMG_3599
Banana harvest time, yes, Jacqui grows bananas in her backyard, me on the fence, and a coffee bean tree ( shrub) in the foreground as wellIMG_3607
not a massive bunch, still . . . not badIMG_3601
Tastes good IMG_3609
aaah, Australia, Seafolly parade one minute, banana harvest the nextIMG_3610
deserve one of these now, but that's the downside of Australia, it ain't no Belgium beer