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August 18, 2009

Seafolly Spring Summer 09/10

Sydney Fashion Festival kicked off last night with a show from Jayson Brunsdon , I did not make it last night, as I had already seen the collection in April, but Seafolly , from memory did not do a show back in April, and see-ing Elyse Taylor was going to be in the show, I just had to pop down and say hi, and show you people some new swimwear_BEL3871
Lucky we are having such a warm winter_BEL3881
On fire, Shanay Hall_BEL3893
The Russians are here, she just arrived three days ago, and already in love with Sydney_BEL3901
pixels_BEL3904 ooops, bad angle..but who cares , Shanay rox_BEL3907
Aussie smiles_BEL3915
more Aussie smiles :-)_BEL3917
Nice to see Caitlin again_BEL3919
You just know this Russian model would be fun to shoot_BEL3923
Super dooper trooper, Elyse Taylor_BEL3926
Yep,more of those Aussie smiles_BEL3933 _BEL3941 _BEL3943
I just have to organise to do a shoot with Shanay_BEL3945
Seafolly is really working Elyse today, but she's all smiles_BEL3951 _BEL3954 _BEL3959
Tanya G ROX !  <3_BEL3963
Ok, till NY then Elyse _BEL3969


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I love that blue and pink Seafolly bikini which Elyse Taylor was wearing. I hope it would fit my skin tone.

Damn! These pix are killa. I've been trawling thru all the #RSFF blog posts and tweets - for work - promise! and yours r easily the best. let me + i hope its allowed apologies if not - link to a post 4 one of the modelfeed dot com'ers Kieta who worked it... in the Seafolly show + also lifecasted before and after backstage. Now the pix arent as kewl as u.. we really need some1 with your capability, damn those photos just pop extra hard.. anyway hope that wasnt 2much of a suck: here is the intro + link -

"Ash, me and Dalia being a little crazy. The Seafolly show was so much fun! The swimsuits were awesome and the shoes were easy to walk in, so no runway drama’s :)..."

Would love to chat to u about potential tie-ins between Modelfeed dot com + Sonnyphotos ? We are up to 36 grrls from around the world and counting.. with some serious backers in the industry. U can ping me at ben at modelfeed dot com But keep up the awesome RSFF coverage..

Is it he cut of the cossies, or am I seeing a little more, erm, winter padding on some of those girls?

Big call to have me waxing the board up in my pastie-whites and oh so attractive wettie following after the seafolly show :)

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