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97 posts from October 2009

October 31, 2009

Summer has come early

next day, and more people on the beach, I take Jacs and the kids to the beachPB010020
Yesterday I was surprised at how warm the water was already , 19 degrees , so knew the kids would get out there and amongst itPB010021
some one always has to get buried

Surf time

Surf's not exactly up, but just had to get out there and get wet. First surf in over 2 months, first week in Sydney I either did not have the time to go surf, or there just wasn't anyPA310014
It's a small 2 foot on the sets.but I was the only one out, so bit of funPA310015
no one else aroundPA310018
Had to take out the mal though, as it was pretty fat

Vanessa + Wish Lookbook

Shooting with the lovely Vanessa Milde today, Vanessa is from Adelaide , and we first met her back in Jan 2007 when she was this fresh faced 15 y.o. from Adelaide. We spent the afternoon at B.L.'s place with Katie Lee taking photos._SYD0279
So have a look at those links above, to see if Vanessa has changed much at all_SYD0282
Shooting with Wish, there's always yummy lunch come lunchtime_SYD0283
plenty to choose from_SYD0284
but always leave a little spot for desert_SYD0288
then, of course, make up touch up_SYD0290
loving the belt_SYD0305
and it was all about who could blow the biggest bubbles_SYD0308
Hubba bubba

October 27, 2009

Palm Beach Kindergarden fundraising night

Jacs and I at the Palm Beach kindy fundraiser, Jac's contributions ( her photography ) raised over 3000 bucks. Good on you sweetheart !
Now, this photo, yes, I did not shave, yes I did slick all my hair back ( it was a 50's them )

Just found a pic of me

It was taken back in August at Jayson Brunsdon shop opening and I found on this Australian site called Kluster. Aaaah, it's when my G10 was still working

Wish Look Book

One thing I don't like when I arrive somewhere is to be sitting around waiting for the next job come in. So after a good day's rest and catching up on Australian time ( as opposed to northern hemisphere time ) I am glad to be back at the Wish studio to shoot a lookbook with Todd and Jay. And Brazillian Barbara Di Creddo is our model du jour_SYD0225
And Barbara is addicted to those banana lollies ( so am I - Jacqui just happens to have a bag inthe kitchen at home, I don't think she realizes I nearly ate the whole bag )_SYD0236
We are see-ing those shoulders everywhere, I'm only showing you one of the pics from today's lookbook, as this is still not ready to go out yet, this is one of the more casual outfits. There were some nice pieces in this collection I would have liked to take home for Jacs_SYD0244
Hair change_SYD0246
love a girl that pulls a face_SYD0249
touch up after lunch_SYD0262
me :-)_SYD0263
Everyone loves my Goorin hat.

October 26, 2009

Finally. . . Sydney

First light , less than 200kms out. By the time we boarded flight again at Singapore, sun had already set_SYD0173
fog in the valleys and gulleys hinterland of Sydney_SYD0174
'tis a sign that it will be an awesome day_SYD0178
there's the ocean and east coast_SYD0184
that'd be south coast national park,with Wattamola and Marley beach_SYD0193
looking towards wollongong_SYD0198
oh yeah, it's going tobe a nice day in Sydney today ( it was, and the next day 34degrees)_SYD0213
one of my fav shooting spots_SYD0214
aaaaah :-)_SYD0215

Somewhere near Thai-Malay coast

ok, I'm about to bore some of you out there with an endless lot of cloud photos, I just love the opportunity to take these shots ( last trip back to Oz I was stuck in an aisle seat ) and like to share some of these pics ( I edit this down form over 200 pictures )_SYD0056
muar river ?
The Island Pulau Kukup_SYD0122
clouds clouds clouds_SYD0125
one of the beauties about premium economy on the 380 , is this extra cabin storage space you get near the window, like the magazine rack you would have next to you when sitting in your favourite couch, and yes, I have a lot of magazines in there and my blanket when I'm not using it_SYD0138
2min till touch down, and a new bridge being built. I'm assuming , connecting Malaysia to Singapore.
Just got word, that yes I was right, we will have missed our curfew at Sydney airport, so we will be spending an extra 4 hours in Singapore, and Qantas kindly has organized for us to stay at a hotel for 3 hours, have some lunch, a nap if desired and a shower to freshen up, right near china town, so some folks will be going for a wander, I opted for the yummy buffet lunch, hot shower and a 30min snooze

Morning on the A380

First light,some where near the east coast of India_SYD0024
A380 , has skycam. ( but, and please take note Qantas, the best part of skycam is the take off and landing, but you turn off the entertainment systems 20 minutes before the plane lands, what's up with that ? )_SYD0026
Bay of Bengal_SYD0037
cloud formations should get better and better as we near Thailand and Malaysia ( my prediction )_SYD0039
mini low pressure system ?_SYD0041
breakfast time with a view_SYD0042
lovin' it

October 25, 2009

London > Singapore

Waouw, finally up in the air again_SYD0003
I arrived at Heathrow, just as the sun was getting up, and now, leaving heathrow, just as the sun issetting again already_SYD0004
cut a long story short, several cancelled boarding calls, to thgen finally being told 9 after one hour delau ) that the plane has a problem with the hydraulics for the landing gear, and will take about 4 hours. Good thing I had access to the lounge, but was so tired after late night last night courtesy of RA, and funny how come early afternoon, all the facebook updates, were things like "headache" "it hurts" "rocks in my head " Well at least you got to sleep, hehehe, I been in a lounge for over 8 hours, read every paper, so now have started drinking again, Southern Comfort and Dry :-)_SYD0006
Hopefully I won't get a repeat of this, 8 hour plus stay at an airport. But at least I have my window seat on the A380 ( which has now been renamed the A360 but the passengers- because it does a 360 back to the terminal )_SYD0007
And it was such a nice day as well, where I could have taken lots of photos on my way to Singapore, we were due to arrive in Singapore in the morning, 8 ish, and then onto to Sydney for a 8pm arrival, but with this delay, we will be well past the Sydney curfew, Sydney airport is closed after midnight and before 6am, simply for the noise. So we missed that, so scared we will be spending some time at Singapore airport as well_SYD0009
leaving England_SYD0012
Cap Gris Nez, with Boulogne Sur Mer beyond it_SYD0016
cloud cover over france_SYD0020
And that's all folks, till we get to Asia, good night