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October 25, 2009

London > Singapore

Waouw, finally up in the air again_SYD0003
I arrived at Heathrow, just as the sun was getting up, and now, leaving heathrow, just as the sun issetting again already_SYD0004
cut a long story short, several cancelled boarding calls, to thgen finally being told 9 after one hour delau ) that the plane has a problem with the hydraulics for the landing gear, and will take about 4 hours. Good thing I had access to the lounge, but was so tired after late night last night courtesy of RA, and funny how come early afternoon, all the facebook updates, were things like "headache" "it hurts" "rocks in my head " Well at least you got to sleep, hehehe, I been in a lounge for over 8 hours, read every paper, so now have started drinking again, Southern Comfort and Dry :-)_SYD0006
Hopefully I won't get a repeat of this, 8 hour plus stay at an airport. But at least I have my window seat on the A380 ( which has now been renamed the A360 but the passengers- because it does a 360 back to the terminal )_SYD0007
And it was such a nice day as well, where I could have taken lots of photos on my way to Singapore, we were due to arrive in Singapore in the morning, 8 ish, and then onto to Sydney for a 8pm arrival, but with this delay, we will be well past the Sydney curfew, Sydney airport is closed after midnight and before 6am, simply for the noise. So we missed that, so scared we will be spending some time at Singapore airport as well_SYD0009
leaving England_SYD0012
Cap Gris Nez, with Boulogne Sur Mer beyond it_SYD0016
cloud cover over france_SYD0020
And that's all folks, till we get to Asia, good night


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these photos are so calming :)

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