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October 27, 2009

Palm Beach Kindergarden fundraising night

Jacs and I at the Palm Beach kindy fundraiser, Jac's contributions ( her photography ) raised over 3000 bucks. Good on you sweetheart !
Now, this photo, yes, I did not shave, yes I did slick all my hair back ( it was a 50's them )


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be sure to say hi , and tell him I been wearing the glasses everyday.

Shooting with him tomorrow!

loves it
and now a week longer :-)

hey, will you be see-ing Bruno next week ?

wow look at that beard growing!
How did Jac like it? :)

Mark Spence . . ? please/
'speaking off, what's going on at their place in Palmy, major re build


i had to double check there for a minute. i thought Jac was posing with Marc spence

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