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October 26, 2009

Somewhere near Thai-Malay coast

ok, I'm about to bore some of you out there with an endless lot of cloud photos, I just love the opportunity to take these shots ( last trip back to Oz I was stuck in an aisle seat ) and like to share some of these pics ( I edit this down form over 200 pictures )_SYD0056
muar river ?
The Island Pulau Kukup_SYD0122
clouds clouds clouds_SYD0125
one of the beauties about premium economy on the 380 , is this extra cabin storage space you get near the window, like the magazine rack you would have next to you when sitting in your favourite couch, and yes, I have a lot of magazines in there and my blanket when I'm not using it_SYD0138
2min till touch down, and a new bridge being built. I'm assuming , connecting Malaysia to Singapore.
Just got word, that yes I was right, we will have missed our curfew at Sydney airport, so we will be spending an extra 4 hours in Singapore, and Qantas kindly has organized for us to stay at a hotel for 3 hours, have some lunch, a nap if desired and a shower to freshen up, right near china town, so some folks will be going for a wander, I opted for the yummy buffet lunch, hot shower and a 30min snooze


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