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November 19, 2009

Box Head, surf

While I was having my little surf at Avalon's off rocks, one of the local boys told me they had Box Head really good a few days ago ( Red Dog ) and that there might still be a bit of a wave there today.
Now box head being one of my favourite surfing spots in the world, and it only working once every 3-5 months due to it's position and fickle sand bar, I was in the car , driving on the freeway before you could say don't forget the wax. So here I am out at the line up, waaaaaay of the beachPB190002
So we are now on the other side of broken head, on the far left we see Whale beach headland, then the back of Barrenjoey headland, and on the right Lion Island, and....lots and lots of water, water form the ocean, water from Pittwater, water from the Hawkebury and water from Brisbane waters ( in other words, a little bit of shark potential )PB190003
And this is the actual broken head headland, and a narrow passage way for boats to enter Brisbane water and central coast.So pretty much behind this line of surfers, no matter how big the waves get, that little passageway never has a wave breaking through there as the water is really deep. So yeah, you're sitting out her ein deep mwater ( not clear ) waiting for a wave, and on low tide is a bit dicey as all the water is emptying out into the ocean, so you constantly have to paddle direction shore, so you don't get taken too far outPB190004
and luckily it is not too crowded today, then again, it is only about 2 foot on the setsPB190005
So that's the shore you see in the distance, quite a long way, bad thing about that is, it is a long way to get out here, took me like 15-20 min to paddle out here ( if the tide is coming in , from low to high , you can expect that to take a bit longer ) good thing is, it is one of the longest left handers I know off on the east coast. Sort of like a left hander version of the pass, minus the rocksPB190006
Easier way of getting out here of course is with your boat , or your mates boat ( I'm saving up now )Would be a lot quicker to jump in the boat from Palm beach ( say 20 min cruise ) as opposed to the hour plus drive I just did.PB190007
This wave does not look like much, but the wall just keeps growing as this wave rolls down the line. I certainly had fun out here. ( and yes, must get out here when it is bigger )PB190008
Another shot of the boat , and an arrow I placed to show the little white dots that are houses on the shore line, to give you an idea of how far of the shore we are, and the potential for the super long waves to be had.
So then the ferry comes past with Jacqui and kids on board, and as I said the passageway is so narrow, the ferry came really close and we could clearly see each other ( jac's took a pic with her phone cam ) So I caught a wave in, there was little gap in the sandbank, and then on the second bank caught another wave which felt like it went forever, was so good, can't wait to get out here again, but had to go in now and pick up Jacqui from the ferry.Box
Here's an aerial shot from google earth, shwoing the line uo, so you can see the passageway for the boats and the perfect sandbank going into shore. And obviously in this shot there were no waves.


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dont be silly surfing is for every1 that is the way Jesus wants it to be!!!!

hahaha, yes it was
not sure if I got a shot of you , I went through them last night

Hey mate..Was that you taking photos of the surf at Joey this arvo? let me know cheers

yes Greg, but when you spend half the year overseas, I'll grab box at what ever size I can get it at
And I remember my first adventure across back in the mid 80's on my TC design Byrne surfboard with deep channels :-)

its not always crowded sonny ....but will be if u have to claim your two foot surf out there....

i can remember when it was rare for northern beach surfers to come over

hey noodles, yeah I was in Paris ( no surf at all :-)
And my girl send me a pic of Avalon, and straight away knew BOX would be on


hope you got Noosa good though

box head is definately the best surf spot ever I just missed out on the sweet swell they had coming through jan 2010 I live in avalon and was at noosa at the time

Awesome stuff, thanks for the share I really appreciate it.



Thanks to "not really a secret" as yes, this is a verywell known spot with all surfers dare I say living on the east coast, or at least on the northern beaches and central coast.
And to C, well if you were at all inteliigent , you would see that this post if directed to my friends and readers, who live all over this planet, and probably only about 5 -10% would be surfers.
So C, get of your little horse, and start accepting that when box is on, it will be crowded, same way everywhere else will be crowded, and you can't deal with it , then move to sumatra or somewhere. or ivory coast in africa would be pretty uncrowded.
And like "not really a secret " said, it ain't no secret surf spots, and there are several websites ( surf forecast .com ) that will have all the stats and location on box plus 5 day forecast
Enjoy your surf, and if you retract your foul language I promise not to drop in on you next time box is pumping



( just remember- not from this area, too right, as it only breaks once in a blue moon )

Ummmmm. Might be worth relaxing a bit because I don't think Sonny is the first person to post aerial photography and other stuff about this spot.




your'e a fucking tool, not from the area fuck off! why the fuck do you post shit like this! arial shots and all! FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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