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November 26, 2009

Danielle Wallace Pop up Opening

Mark Cavanagh and Daniell WallaceIMG_4573
Mark I bump into sporadically, but Danielle I have not seen in a long time, always with a smile, and the girl to see for ties, without a doubt.
We are here for the opening of her pop up store, right on Macquarie & Bent Streets in Sydney, perfect location. I was just in my t-short so felt a bit under dressed when I walked to the corner of Bent street, with all the suits and ties around, but as always, Danielle makes you feel right at home and welcomedIMG_4575
of course some of the fashion set is here this evening as wellIMG_4576
location , locationIMG_4577
She's the queen of ties, and Toby Osmond has some of shirts on sale here as wellIMG_4579
how awesome are these umbrellas, just think how good you would look with one of these crossing the street on a grey rainy dayIMG_4581
game of pool while you decide which shirt and tie to buy, oh, and don't forget that umbrella for that rainy dayIMG_4583
the bar is stocked up as well, so a refreshment with your tie ?IMG_4585
as you look around plenty of things to discoverIMG_4586
a book perhaps, chrissy pressieIMG_4591
must be Toby'sIMG_4592
we're all travellersIMG_4593
Love this imageIMG_4594
Danielle and Alex Zabotto-BentleyIMG_4596
Peter McMenamin and Viva Vayspap.


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