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38 posts from November 2009

November 30, 2009

I guess not everyday can be a perfect summer day

Big rain clouds rolling in, has been very hot, and with the westerly winds a lot of dust blown in from the country, so the rain is needed ( car needed all the dust washed off )
Click on image for larger view

Diesel aka Dion

Another day in Paradise, but no waves, and instead a big hand paint bus in the car parkIMG_4725
It's the surfing brand Insight's busIMG_4727
and who do I find insight inside, mi mate Dion of course. I had no idea he was looking after this bus.
Cool bus, Dion is up this way as he is building Zimmermann's pop up store for summer.IMG_4730
It's where the famous whale beach burger cafe used to be. And should be open for summer starting in the next day or so

November 29, 2009

Dew in the air

forecast for a super hot day today, and by the time I stumbled out of bed ( the drive back from Bondi after DefWish's gig was a killer )and looked out the window, I could see all these clouds/fog/moisture rolling down the backside of the hill on the cliffs, so jump in the car for a further inspection, and yeah, drove through the mist. Super warm air from the country , meets cool air from the ocean I guess_SYD2766
Just hanging there, and it is already 30 degrees on my clock at 9 in themorning_SYD2767
And in that mist, when you get out of the car , it is nice and cool_SYD2768
While I was standing there on the cliff, I hear a little rustle near my feet_SYD2769
that's a big lizard, blue tongue I'm sure_SYD2770
yep, that's a blue tongue alright, they love eating spiders, especially funnelwebs. And problem is, these lovely lizards never had to deal with cats or dogs until the europeans arrived, they have no defense system against these introduced animals, so the blue tongue population has dwindled and funnelweb spiders , well, they don't have to worry as much any more and are a bit freer to roam around in our gardens ( scary )_SYD2774
so in other words, if you have a blue tongue in your garden, get rid of your cat and or dog, as they will not eat spiders, and the blue tongue just loves eating one of the most venomous spiders in Australia

DefWishCast gig at Beachroad Bondi

Guest appearance by former member Brass_SYD2634
I'm having a Peter Garret , Midnight Oil flashback moment here_SYD2635
what a gig, awesome !!

DefWishCast Pre-Show

Just had to get a shot of the smoko room. As there is now a smoking ban in all venues, they created a separate smoking area. The purple room_SYD2541
DJ Vame will be making a guest appearance ( he used to be part of the DefWishCast Crew )_SYD2543
But right now DJ Murda1 is getting the crowd amped_SYD2545
werqing that mixer_SYD2552
Mic's ready for DefWish_SYD2555
waiting in the wings to go on_SYD2561
DefWish with Diec and Sereck ( just out of sight)_SYD2567
Here we go !

Beer O'clock

Headed to Bondi tonight to catch DefWish Cast at the beach roiad later, but first a sunset beer at the Bondi RSL with A.M. and Jacqui. 's been a while since I been hereIMG_4603
A.M. and JacquiIMG_4609
with my new toyIMG_4612
Jac's and her new toy :-)IMG_4616
getting ready to go see the maddest B-boy of em allIMG_4620
Head to the venue for some dinner (was too noisy at the rsl ) and AtAt is already hereIMG_4621
so are Kerry and JessieIMG_4622
and biggest DWC fan Jaz DalyIMG_4663
about an hour later, me , snapping awayIMG_4708

November 26, 2009

RA 13

Ra presents dashenka's multi-dimensional works throughout the ra space in video, sculpture and more.
Next thursday ( 3rd ) at 8pm

Tedd Rall


Danielle Wallace Pop up Opening

Mark Cavanagh and Daniell WallaceIMG_4573
Mark I bump into sporadically, but Danielle I have not seen in a long time, always with a smile, and the girl to see for ties, without a doubt.
We are here for the opening of her pop up store, right on Macquarie & Bent Streets in Sydney, perfect location. I was just in my t-short so felt a bit under dressed when I walked to the corner of Bent street, with all the suits and ties around, but as always, Danielle makes you feel right at home and welcomedIMG_4575
of course some of the fashion set is here this evening as wellIMG_4576
location , locationIMG_4577
She's the queen of ties, and Toby Osmond has some of shirts on sale here as wellIMG_4579
how awesome are these umbrellas, just think how good you would look with one of these crossing the street on a grey rainy dayIMG_4581
game of pool while you decide which shirt and tie to buy, oh, and don't forget that umbrella for that rainy dayIMG_4583
the bar is stocked up as well, so a refreshment with your tie ?IMG_4585
as you look around plenty of things to discoverIMG_4586
a book perhaps, chrissy pressieIMG_4591
must be Toby'sIMG_4592
we're all travellersIMG_4593
Love this imageIMG_4594
Danielle and Alex Zabotto-BentleyIMG_4596
Peter McMenamin and Viva Vayspap.

Sydney Bushfires . . . again, then drinks Av style

Crazy ornage light in the late afternoon, there's bushfires out in the blue mountains again, so Sydney is blanketed with the firesmoke, causing this eerie lightIMG_4540
so head up to the headland for a better look at it, that's Bilgola beach below in the shadeIMG_4541
mad colourIMG_4543
aaaah, nice orange glowIMG_4547
open the camera a bit to expose the shaded areasIMG_4548
After little sun viewing, head back to Avalon and bar called L A , for a drink for Jessie Hill and Kane Skennar's birthday, and Dion is here, superIMG_4555
Me, 2 hours later, waiting for our food , waiting for our food, everyone else has left to go up Ogg's place and keep drinking there, but our orders got messed up. 't was a busy day at Avalon with market day IMG_4556
later that night, chillin at Oggy's placeIMG_4557
Me & birthday boyIMG_4558
birthday girlIMG_4559
Was a nice evening of just chilled out fun, up in the hills at Avalon, no plastic, no crap music, no bouncers, no pricey drinks and waiting ina que to get one. Love it
Thanks to John Ogden for letting Kane and Jessie use your pad for their little birthday drinks/get together/booze up
yew :-)