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November 12, 2009

Lake Bumbunga

I have been wanting to get to a salt lake all week now, either Lake Frome ( which was too far ) or Lake Torrens ( which has no public access ) but thanks to one of my loyal readers, Eva, who pointed me in the direction of smaller salt lake on the way back to Adelaide, so I at least get a little taste of a salt lake, oh yes, and I did taste it, it's actually nice tasting salt with a like rose colour to it . And just look at those clouds_SYD1966
This just makes me more wanting to do a shoot on a salt lake ! ! Quick, model, stylist, make up !!_SYD1973
Feels like I'm walking on  ice, and I was actually there for a seco nd wondering if the layer of ice was thick enough to hold my weight, but after swaying my hands around my face to keep away what seemed like thousands of flies trying to get to my beads of sweat on my forehead it quickly sunk in I ain't gonna sink as this ain't no ice_SYD1994
incredible, nature _SYD1998
cruel beauty_SYD2004
and a good sense of humour in this state it seems_SYD2006
A salty loch ness monster_SYD2009
close up of the salt crystals_SYD2017
and those clouds, yum.
Thanks Eva, can't wait to go to one of the bigger salt lakes now.


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WOW! with a capital W! can't wait to see you shoot here :-) stylist make-up model!

Which salt lakes are you thinking of visiting?????

already planning another trip out to the lakes


No worries at all Sonny. Glad that you made it to Lake Bumbunga.

I am drafting an email to you and will attach a few photo's of our trip to Lake Frome and Lake Callabonna (a salt lake that is a World Heritage Listed Fossil Reserve). Some interesting critters used to live in the area. See below.

You happen to be the only person (besides the people I went to Lake Callabonna and Frome with) that has an interest in salt lakes!!!! I think we are a rare breed. haha.

I'll send through my email in the next few days.

Cheers and I'm glad I could be of some help (albeit over the phone and email) while you were in Sth Oz.

Eva (0:

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