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120 posts from February 2010

February 28, 2010

The Vine Now reports from backstage with my pics

TheVine Mirte at Preen, click here for the report Melanie Hick wrote for the Vine

February 27, 2010

Blugirl AW10 Collection

_MIL0033BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0044BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0047BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0049BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0056BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0070BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0076BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0088BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0095BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0107BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0132BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0152BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0163BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0192BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0201BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0207BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0219BluGirlSonnyPhotos _MIL0228BluGirlSonnyPhotos

February 26, 2010

My "report" on PRADA for NY times Tmag blog

Click here to go to the post on the New York times website for Tmag

New York Times Fashion & Style

Nyt2 So as well as the usual coverage I do, as off this season I now also contribute on a more regular basis for New York times ( last time was Sydney Fashion Week ) Above shot of the brothers that make Dsquared flanked by Carmen Kass and Chanel Iman, click here to go to the NYT post

Just Cavalli AW10 Collection

_MIL0255JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Heidi & Hanne_MIL0261JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Sigrid Agren_MIL0267JustCavalliSonnyPhotos _MIL0279JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Mirte_MIL0285JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Anabela Belikova_MIL0293JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Jacquelyn Jablonski & Magdalena Frackowiak_MIL0308JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Frida Gustavsson_MIL0311JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Anastasia Kuznetsova_MIL0316JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Hanne_MIL0325JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Irina Kulikova & Iris Strubegger_MIL0335JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Kelsey Van Mook_MIL0343JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Shu Pei Qin_MIL0364JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Kelli Lumi_MIL0376JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Sigrid_MIL0383JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Magdalena_MIL0398JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Irina_MIL0420JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Kelli_MIL0429JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Antonella Graef_MIL0436JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Daiane Conterato_MIL0444JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Mirte_MIL0450JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Heidi_MIL0453JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Frida_MIL0455JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Sigrid_MIL0458JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Hanne_MIL0465JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Tati Cotliar_MIL0483JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Anabela_MIL0484JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Jacquelyn_MIL0499JustCavalliSonnyPhotos Frida_MIL0501JustCavalliSonnyPhotos sans chausseur

Where's Iekeliene

GoatShe turned into a goat ! :-)

Now that New Yorkand London is over and we commence with Milan, a few of you out there have asked me , where's Iek as she has not done any shows.
Well, she;s fine, happy and well. Just travelled all through Asia, she sent me a few photos of her travels, and yes it looks like she is enjoying discovering different cultures in remote regions away from the typical touristy spots. So I am already looking forward to see-ing all of her photos.
In the meantime, she asked me to share thispicture of her, where , in some like village, she turned in to a goat for a while :-)

February 25, 2010


SV Invite front
SV Invite back

Tedd Rall


Paris > Milan

IMG_6284 Lucky for me, I'm not flying Air France today as there is an air traffic control strike , and it is only affecting Air France planes, phewIMG_6290 IMG_6294 IMG_6295 IMG_6299 This is me, really really tired, and you know how much I love checking out the clouds, I was falling asleepIMG_6305 And the Alps are covered this timeIMG_6309 Until we get closer to MilanIMG_6310 IMG_6317 Oh my, I love this picture, blow it upIMG_6320 Milan Fashion week , here we comeIMG_6321

Madrid > Brussels

IMG_6267 Pretty little cloudsIMG_6270 IMG_6271 IMG_6278 IMG_6279 Belgium