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March 30, 2010

Boudicca AW10 Presentation

_PAR8477BoudicaSonnyPhotosAwesome colours_PAR8483BoudicaSonnyPhotos_PAR8478BoudicaSonnyPhotos_PAR8485BoudicaSonnyPhotos_PAR8486BoudicaSonnyPhotosSometimes I just feel so lucky, like tonight, Diane was invited to a private dinner Chez Boudicca, see-ing as I met her before and had fun taking photos of her presentation last season , Diane thought I should come along as well. And as you can from above, again, great collection, but no house model this time, instead, a dinner with...as surprise guests Rosey Chan to play an intimate concert for us , accompanied by none other than Mike Figgis ( acclained Director - Leaving Las Vegas, Time Code ) one word AWESOME.
I was a bit hesitant, but after the performance, I asked Zowie ( the designer) if it would be at all possible to take some shots of Rosey in the outfits she just wore in the performance, of course , Zowie replie, let me just quickly as her. Twenty min later , this is what I did, and I so glad Rosey is so easy going Rosey Click on photo for larger view_PAR8494BoudicaSonnyPhotos _PAR8487BoudicaSonnyPhotos _PAR8547BoudicaSonnyPhotos _PAR8568BoudicaSonnyPhotos_PAR8581BoudicaSonnyPhotos_PAR8566BoudicaSonnyPhotos _PAR8604BoudicaSonnyPhotos Mike Figgis also obliged for a portrait on the spot, nice, thank you. Now, not only is Mike an accomplished and acclaimed director , he also plays trumpet and a pretty jazzy bass as well, which he did this evening with Rosey_PAR8596BoudicaSonnyPhotos _PAR8614BoudicaSonnyPhotos love this shot
For another post on this special night, check out Diane's posts here & here, and do this while listening to the video I shot on Diane's camera below


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