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March 30, 2010

Vivienne Westwood AW10 Gold Label Collection

_PAR3577VivienneWaetwoodSonnyPhotos Tara Gill_PAR3578VivienneWaetwoodSonnyPhotos Georgia Hilmer_PAR3582VivienneWaetwoodSonnyPhotos Yulia Lobova_PAR3598VivienneWaetwoodSonnyPhotos Alina Ismailova_PAR3604VivienneWaetwoodSonnyPhotos Naomi Preizler & Tati Cotliar_PAR3618VivienneWaetwoodSonnyPhotos with Westwood_PAR3632VivienneWaetwoodSonnyPhotos Tara_PAR3635VivienneWaetwoodSonnyPhotos Georgia_PAR3638VivienneWaetwoodSonnyPhotos Yulia_PAR3650VivienneWaetwoodSonnyPhotos Chantal Stafford- Abbott_PAR3653VivienneWaetwoodSonnyPhotos Nana Keita_PAR3669VivienneWaetwoodSonnyPhotos Anastasia Krivosheeva_PAR3685VivienneWaetwoodSonnyPhotos Daiane Conterato ( yes, she really was on the phone, on the runway as well )_PAR3709VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Queeny Van Der Zande_PAR3716VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Madeline Kragh ( minus the make up , some of you might recognise her from all the runway shows she did in Sydney during our fashion week there )_PAR3721VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Yulia Terentieva_PAR3724VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Yulia Lobova_PAR3745VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Tara & Tati ( great combo )_PAR3759VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Naomi Preizler_PAR3763VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Chantal_PAR3775VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Juana Burga_PAR3783VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Hana Ben Abdesslem ( now try to tell her apart from Madeline and or Tati )_PAR3801VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Anastasia_PAR3816VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Zhang Fan_PAR3823VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Daiane Conterato_PAR3830VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Ivana Stanimirovic_PAR3833VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Marie M._PAR3845VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Rebecca Chandler_PAR3850VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Queeny <3_PAR3862VivienneWesttwoodSonnyPhotos Madeline


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thanks ..i just wanted you to write it the right way because I admire Juana ,idk where shes from but i think she's gorgeous and she has to be recognized by her real name .. btw, your blog is amazing!!

there you go Nicole


there is a name of a model poorly written .. her real name is Juana BURGA, not Juana bErga.

there is a name of a model poorly written .. his real name is Juana BURGA, not Juana bErga.

she's so cool.
... crafty and amusing as always


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