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April 29, 2010

Late Surf with Full moon

P4280001SonnyPhotos After Marnie's show, did some quick running around town and tried to get back asap to Avalon, as I knew there was still a little wave around. P4280002SonnyPhotos I paddled out just as the sun set. P4280005SonnyPhotos And the moon had already risen, and how good does it look P4280008SonnyPhotos A nice eerie calm beset us all, I got a couple of good waves too, had to wait for a while in between, which was fine, as I was enjoying the view P4280009SonnyPhotos that reflection . . P4280012SonnyPhotos getting darker now, and less crowded P4280013SonnyPhotos Last shot as I came in.Had to use my surfboard as a tripod to eliminate camera blur ( about a second exposure )

Marnie Skillings SS10-11 Collection

_AFW0002MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos The ever so lovely Kerry Doyle _AFW0009MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Sophie doing her thing on Eve _AFW0019MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos First show, off schedule, week before fashion week starts, and Marnie has secured the use of Botanical Gardens for her show (lucky girl ) and sydney weather has really turned it on for her.
Here we have resident botanical gardener with Masha ( yes, Masha just arrived form Russia ) , Georgia & Jen _AFW0035MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Shoes in the collection are all vintage men's shoes, and I wouldn't mind a pair _AFW0053MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Jen & Masha ( poor Masha looking a bit tired, she only just arrived from Russia ) _AFW0059MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Zippora, Isabella & Chrystal _AFW0066MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos The Carta ! Stephanie Carta back in town, opening Marnie's show _AFW0089MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Georgia _AFW0102MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Chrystal _AFW0103MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Jen _AFW0109MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Masha ( yes, don't be fooled, she might be jet lagged, but can still pull out the energy for a good photo ) _AFW0113MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Sara Elizabeth _AFW0123MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Isabella, while David Bonney does his last minute adjust. Something I did not know about David , and he might kill me for telling you all, but David was an accomplished actor before he switched to styling, only reason I found out was because I was flicking through the channels and got caught by an Aussie movie called Walking On Water <2002> , and it was a pretty good movie, David's was like the main character, but was init for only 10 min ( ? you ask, just rent it and watch it ) he also appeared in Night Out and an episode of Flying Doctors ( plus I'm sure he's done more than that ) _AFW0137MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Georgia _AFW0144MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Bambi _AFW0158MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Chrystal ( and Masha ) _AFW0166MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Ruby _AFW0168MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Sara Elizabeth _AFW0171MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Kerry _AFW0178MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Masha _AFW0189MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Georgia _AFW0192MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Isabella _AFW0197MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Jen _AFW0202MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Eve _AFW0207MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Steph Carta _AFW0213MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Ruby Jean _AFW0224MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Zippora _AFW0246MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Marnie's girls _AFW0250MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Nice first show in this great location, and with the weather. But something tells me , when the it all starts officially next week, we won't be this lucky with the weather. Just a hunch I have.


Always up for a BBQ in the backyard IMG_0085SonnyPhotos getting hungry again now looking at it again

April 28, 2010

Funny Random Photo

IMG_0080SonnyPhotos Took Evan to the cinema to see Beneath Hill 60 ( recommend it ) and Evan was wondering why people where taking pictures of the sign above another cinema door.

Palm Beach Fun

P4240012SonnyPhotos back from Melbourne, and another nice summer autumn day in Sydney, no surf to really speak off, so we head to north palm beach for a swim, still a tiny wave coming through, off shore wind, so little barrels, let's get out there with the water camera P4240013SonnyPhotos aaah, just missed the shot, little curling on the top, and check how clear the ocean is today P4240014SonnyPhotos looks like it is overhead, but really this is barely coming in at one foot, just the angle I'm holding the camera at P4240016SonnyPhotos who's the spunk with the kids :-) P4240022SonnyPhotos India , braving it out to the back, I'm going to teach here how to swim under an oncoming wave P4240023SonnyPhotos success, hehehe, look at those eyes P4240024SonnyPhotos P4240026SonnyPhotos love how she's bring her legs up like that when she's supposed to swimming under the wave ( is she posing ? ) P4240035SonnyPhotos clouds coming in, time to head home for lunch. But here you can see how there is no swell to speak off

S!X showroom at VONHAUS

_SYD1896S!XSonnyPhotos Peter Boyd & Denise Sprynskyj are the duo that make up S!X _SYD1899S!XSonnyPhotos And I'm loving their flag series _SYD1900S!XSonnyPhotos love love love _SYD1918S!XSonnyPhotos want to shoot these _SYD1903S!XSonnyPhotos
:-) _SYD1904S!XSonnyPhotos John ( Alexei Sayle , didn't you kill my brother ) , Grey Aviary, models some of the jackets _44227536_youngones9_bbcpicgall notice the resemblance ( hehehe, sorry John, couldn't resist) _SYD1911S!XSonnyPhotos _SYD1916S!XSonnyPhotos another piece I would like to shoot editorially _SYD1920S!XSonnyPhotos _SYD1922S!XSonnyPhotos
_SYD1925S!XSonnyPhotos can you see me in this jacket ? I can, walking the streets of Anvers

R.M.I.T. and the grey aviary

IMG_0073SonnyPhotos Denise Sprynskyj, is not only the 4th year Fashion Co-ordinator, she's also one part of Melbourne label S!X, so after my piece at the R.M.I.T. she organizes John ( Grey Aviary ) to come and get me from building 8 and take me to the VonHaus building , where Denise and Peter Boyd have their S!X showroom IMG_0071SonnyPhotos John's here, so we walk the few blocks in the melbourne drizzle IMG_0075SonnyPhotos This building is a happening little place, derelict for too long, it has recently been renovated, house a gallery and a wine bar on ground floor and then S!X upstairs, and very central in the CBD IMG_0076SonnyPhotos
:-) IMG_0077SonnyPhotos hmm, does not look as good on the phone cam IMG_0078SonnyPhotos but this was after I shot some of the S!X pieces , camera packed away, and on my way to fin a taxi to get back to the airport

April 27, 2010

R.M.I.T. 4th year fashion students

I forgot to take a picture of my attentive audience in building 8. Was not sure if I would have enough interesting subjects to talk about and for the class to not get too bored with me babbling on. There were about 50 students, but all turned out well, they were interested what I had to say and I hope I encouraged them a bit to get overseas and get some experience over there. They also asked me some good questions, the funniest one though was on how to sneak into shows without an invitation, I think everyone involved in fashion would like to know the answer to that.
After my hour long talk, Denise Sprynskyj took me out to lunch, along with the program director Robyn Healy ( she was supposed to be in Berlin, but with that ash ) and fellow teacher Sean Ryan.

After lunch, see-ing my flight was not till later in the evening, I suggested to the students we do a little backstage photoshoot of all them in their own outfits, so here we go

a little RMIT photoshoot, I hope I got everyone in there _SYD1536RMITSonnyphotos
_SYD1597RMITSonnyphotos _SYD1611RMITSonnyphotos _SYD1613RMITSonnyphotos
_SYD1661RMITSonnyphotos _SYD1662RMITSonnyphotos
_SYD1703RMITSonnyphotos _SYD1707RMITSonnyphotos
_SYD1708RMITSonnyphotos _SYD1711RMITSonnyphotos
_SYD1720RMITSonnyphotos _SYD1721RMITSonnyphotos
woauw, long post, lots of photos

but thanks guys , was fun

Sydney > Melbourne

_SYD1449SonnyPhotos very early start to the day, sitting on plane, ready to taxi to runway, and sun is only just now coming up. So yes, was up way early, but it's all good _SYD1451SonnyPhotos gold reflection _SYD1454SonnyPhotos golden flares _SYD1456SonnyPhotos through golden windows _SYD1457SonnyPhotos but what's not golden would be being stuck in that peak hour traffic heading into the city this early in the day ( and it only gets worse ) _SYD1459SonnyPhotos ready to take off, and you can just spot the tall office buildings from Sydney's CBD on the horizon on the right in the early morning light _SYD1460SonnyPhotos plane's shadow on take off _SYD1463SonnyPhotos Another look at that morning traffic _SYD1464SonnyPhotos Sydney airport, showing the 2 terminals ( international and domestic ) _SYD1467SonnyPhotos and the plane banks to the right, north, as I had hoped when I did my seat selection, so I get this great shot of Sydney CBD, still with long shadows from the early morning sun _SYD1468SonnyPhotos great shot, city, harbour, moore park, stadium _SYD1469SonnyPhotos Randwick racecourse _SYD1473SonnyPhotos nd a great shot of Coogee beach with Wedding cake island _SYD1475SonnyPhotos and Bondi beach with the cliffs of Dover ( heights ) _SYD1479SonnyPhotos now big banking turn , 180 degrees, heading south now over the ocean, with early sun still low on horizon _SYD1484SonnyPhotos _SYD1488SonnyPhotos loving this reflection _SYD1490SonnyPhotos south coast beaches, looking like a good spot to do some exploring , or just chillin out _SYD1491SonnyPhotos _SYD1494SonnyPhotos Great shot of Jervis Bay _SYD1496SonnyPhotos heading inland now _SYD1500SonnyPhotos _SYD1502SonnyPhotos _SYD1503SonnyPhotos early morning for in the gulleys _SYD1505SonnyPhotos looks great doesn't it _SYD1507SonnyPhotos _SYD1513SonnyPhotos closer to Melbourne, and getting grayer. Loving that strip of colour in the middle _SYD1514SonnyPhotos weird colours, wondering if this is from those fatal bushfires last year _SYD1516SonnyPhotos coming down _SYD1517SonnyPhotos great thing about Melbourne is that it is close to the nature _SYD1518SonnyPhotos and there she is _SYD1523SonnyPhotos all the lines heading to Melbourne CBD _SYD1527SonnyPhotos So why am I here again you ask, well, at my exhibition last month i got to meet one of the teachers at R.M.I.T. and asked if I would be interested in giving a little talk/presentation to the final year students, love to , and here I am

Next day, flat

P4210110sonnyphotos Absolute cracker of a day, more like summer day than autumn day ( no complaints there ) but zero waves
Nice just to go for a paddle