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April 29, 2010

Late Surf with Full moon

P4280001SonnyPhotos After Marnie's show, did some quick running around town and tried to get back asap to Avalon, as I knew there was still a little wave around. P4280002SonnyPhotos I paddled out just as the sun set. P4280005SonnyPhotos And the moon had already risen, and how good does it look P4280008SonnyPhotos A nice eerie calm beset us all, I got a couple of good waves too, had to wait for a while in between, which was fine, as I was enjoying the view P4280009SonnyPhotos that reflection . . P4280012SonnyPhotos getting darker now, and less crowded P4280013SonnyPhotos Last shot as I came in.Had to use my surfboard as a tripod to eliminate camera blur ( about a second exposure )


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