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April 29, 2010

Marnie Skillings SS10-11 Collection

_AFW0002MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos The ever so lovely Kerry Doyle _AFW0009MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Sophie doing her thing on Eve _AFW0019MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos First show, off schedule, week before fashion week starts, and Marnie has secured the use of Botanical Gardens for her show (lucky girl ) and sydney weather has really turned it on for her.
Here we have resident botanical gardener with Masha ( yes, Masha just arrived form Russia ) , Georgia & Jen _AFW0035MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Shoes in the collection are all vintage men's shoes, and I wouldn't mind a pair _AFW0053MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Jen & Masha ( poor Masha looking a bit tired, she only just arrived from Russia ) _AFW0059MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Zippora, Isabella & Chrystal _AFW0066MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos The Carta ! Stephanie Carta back in town, opening Marnie's show _AFW0089MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Georgia _AFW0102MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Chrystal _AFW0103MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Jen _AFW0109MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Masha ( yes, don't be fooled, she might be jet lagged, but can still pull out the energy for a good photo ) _AFW0113MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Sara Elizabeth _AFW0123MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Isabella, while David Bonney does his last minute adjust. Something I did not know about David , and he might kill me for telling you all, but David was an accomplished actor before he switched to styling, only reason I found out was because I was flicking through the channels and got caught by an Aussie movie called Walking On Water <2002> , and it was a pretty good movie, David's was like the main character, but was init for only 10 min ( ? you ask, just rent it and watch it ) he also appeared in Night Out and an episode of Flying Doctors ( plus I'm sure he's done more than that ) _AFW0137MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Georgia _AFW0144MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Bambi _AFW0158MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Chrystal ( and Masha ) _AFW0166MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Ruby _AFW0168MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Sara Elizabeth _AFW0171MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Kerry _AFW0178MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Masha _AFW0189MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Georgia _AFW0192MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Isabella _AFW0197MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Jen _AFW0202MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Eve _AFW0207MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Steph Carta _AFW0213MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Ruby Jean _AFW0224MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Zippora _AFW0246MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Marnie's girls _AFW0250MarnieSkillingsSonnyPhotos Nice first show in this great location, and with the weather. But something tells me , when the it all starts officially next week, we won't be this lucky with the weather. Just a hunch I have.


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