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May 31, 2010

A bit of catching up on Tedd Rall ( blame Fashion week :-))

I show this again, as it is my favourite one Tr100430

May 30, 2010

RA13 Antwerp, Belgium

IMG_0195SonnyPhotos I'm meeting with Romain and Anna ( R & A that make up RA, get it ? ) to go over the final details for an exhibition we are planning for June ( stay tuned for opening night details )  Now for those of you who don't know, RA13 is a new shop in Antwerp, something Antwerp has been needing for a while, like a little Collete Store meet Dover Street Market. The opening party was fun, click here for my post on it back in October IMG_0199SonnyPhotos Loving what the have done with the cafe while I was here last. Basically they moved the bookshop section from the front to the , well the middle, so now the cafe space has a much nicer feel about it IMG_0196SonnyPhotos so I had some lunch there after our meeting, chargrilled chicken served in broth with Broccoli, yum IMG_0197SonnyPhotos The space leading into the shop from the street where I will sow some pictures IMG_0198SonnyPhotos Fellow Av Cat , Dan Thawley, why that look on his face, is it because what is written on that piece of paper, someone's number perhaps, who knows, ask Dan :-)

Airplane food

IMG_0187SonnyPhotos This time round, food was really good, like I ate everything IMG_0189SonnyPhotos I was so set up, yummy food, catching up with John Stewart's Daily show on laptop, and watching progress of flight on big screen IMG_0190SonnyPhotos Yum, at it all IMG_0192SonnyPhotos chocolate ! yeay ! IMG_0194SonnyPhotos
Arrived in London, and how small does Terminal 3 look against the plane.

Dubai > London

_AFW4032SonnyPhotos After about an hour and a half back on the plane. Bumped into Lauren B in the lounge, she's also on this flight, on her way back to London and then New York with her hubby ( had no idea she was married though ) She filled me in on her little trick on how to cope with these long flights. Anyway, back on the plane now, and yes, this pic is the same as previous post, except this one is taken with my Canon and the previous pics with the phone cam as it was too dark ( and I was not bothered to pull out the camera as I knew I would not get any cloud shots as our 14 hour flight to Dubai was all in darkness, I did see a pretty cool thunderstorm somewhere near indonesia ) _AFW4035SonnyPhotos love how you have your won mini-bar as well as mini tv to go with your big tv _AFW4036SonnyPhotos leg room, lots of it, can't wait to take off and flatten out this seat again _AFW4037SonnyPhotos
Dubai airport from runway _AFW4041SonnyPhotos and they are already building yet another terminal _AFW4044SonnyPhotos Dubai's national bird _AFW4045SonnyPhotos up and away, with Sharjah in the background _AFW4046SonnyPhotos _AFW4052SonnyPhotos
_AFW4053SonnyPhotos some where near Mosul, Iraq _AFW4063SonnyPhotos I was right on the wing, so hard to get some good shots _AFW4062SonnyPhotos and here, just under the wing I noticed some snow _AFW4054SonnyPhotos and sure enough, there is snow , I'm guessing somewhere near the turkish border. And on the 380, at the back of business they have a bar area, big enough for about 20 people to hang out and have a drink, but the most crowded I saw it was about 6 people. So everytime I saw something good to get a shot of, I moved to the back of the plane _AFW4061SonnyPhotos like when we crossed the alps _AFW4065SonnyPhotos After this shot it all became flat boring clouds ( north europe ) and on my flight from London to Brussels I did not have a window seat. So nothing to report there.

Off to Dubai

IMG_0166SonnyPhotos Got myself a cheap upgrade to Business class, and lucky me, it is on the new airbus plane, so business is more like first class, so I'm stoked ( although in hindsight, Jacqui is right and would have been better of spending that money on a ticket for two to FiJi ) but for now, am going to enjoy this comfort IMG_0169SonnyPhotos lots of movies to chose from , but I go for the classics IMG_0170SonnyPhotos First light, yes !! I did manage to sleep on this flight, as my seat, turns into a comfy bed, plus the stewardess gave me a mini mattress to put on my seat as well, so I'm sure I had about a 6-7 hour sleep IMG_0173SonnyPhotos and check this out, this totally spun me out when I went to the toilet, but there is actually a window as well IMG_0174SonnyPhotos how cool ! IMG_0175SonnyPhotos watching it all unfold from the plane's wing tip camera on my screen IMG_0179SonnyPhotos about to land , so seat is a seat again, put the bed away, and stowed my mattress IMG_0180SonnyPhotos Dubai airport up ahead, it's not 6 am yet, hence it not looking so bright yet outside IMG_0181SonnyPhotos
lining it up, and yeah, looks like captain is heading the plane a bit too much to the left, but that's wind compensation IMG_0183SonnyPhotos 10 second sout from touch down IMG_0185SonnyPhotos and at terminal, look how big the plane looks  next to terminal.

Last Night in Avalon

IMG_0164SonnyPhotos And my Bros came to town his missus and this yummy cake.


IMG_6964 Cobra Snake was in town during fashion week, snapping away at all the parties, but he was up early as well to catch the Dion Lee show, so here's me leaving the Opera House ( Mark, I think I only ever seen you at nighttime before and never in sunlight, or did you just arrive on an early flight ? ) IMG_6967 With Dan IMG_4836 Me with Rae Begley from Little Hero at Stolen Girlfriends Club IMG_4933 what I do :-)

G&O Classic

It's been a long time since I caught up with Todd ( thanks facebook )last I saw him he was chained to that desk surrounded by an all woman team up there on Lv 5 at Park street ( he got out safe and well, sanity intact :-) Since then did a few years at an ad agency and now has started his own surfwear label. _AFW3825G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos Todd Sheldrick, hanging up his gear _AFW3837G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos So when Todd told me he was trying to get this brand up and running, I offered to do some photos for him, that was a year ago. Today we finally meet up after all these years and snap a few quickies _AFW3834G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos And I say G&O to his site and get your orders in _AFW3846G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos love it down here, and then watch the seaplane take off _AFW3850G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos off to Rose Bay _AFW3853G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos
_AFW3858G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos back to the shorts. Todd is trying to get it all done in Australia, and it is tough to do so as it is hard to keep costs down this way _AFW3869G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos but the good news is that is gives him a better look in on the quality control of his product _AFW3926G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos Classic ! _AFW3946G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos These are prints from Thailand, otherwise everything else is pure Aussie _AFW3985G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos Love these _AFW4002G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos nice sweat with solid print _AFW4029G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos
so guys, do yourself a favour, and don't just get your fix by buying from the big boys go on, buy something a bit more unique and at the same support your fellow aussies, clickity click IMG_0158SonnyPhotos just had to put this in, sorry Todd, but it made me laugh IMG_0157SonnyPhotos

What's in your trolley

IMG_0154SonnyPhotos there..under that hat IMG_0152SonnyPhotos
IMG_0153SonnyPhotos yes, we are stocking up on light bulbs IMG_0156SonnyPhotos

May 28, 2010

Our own wilderness back home

_SFW8900SonnyPhotos back home, and I noticed that the leaves of the Elephant ear type plant were getting smaller, ahaa, found the culprit _SFW8897SonnyPhotos
and there's 2 of them, bugger _SFW8888SonnyPhotos check the stinger on him _SFW8893SonnyPhotos
that little mouth bloody well eats pretty fast _SFW8896SonnyPhotos
I did not want to kill it, thinking it would one day turn out to be a pretty butterfly, so I put it in the bamboo ( sorry Jac's , could not do it ) but a little look on this website, and me now thinks it will become a moth