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June 07, 2010

Up Cycle, Hilda De Schutter

_EUR8929SonnyPhotos Sunday afternoon, and in a little sleepy Belgium town , by he name of Wakkerzeel has an exhibition on with the theme up cycle, Hilda is one of the participants, so I dropped by _EUR8931SonnyPhotos Self portrait using Hilda's rainbow luminescence _EUR8933SonnyPhotos Now longtime readers of my blog, will remember Hilda making these back in 2006, click
_EUR8935SonnyPhotos Of course there were other artists there as well, who's name I already forgot ( sorry, but I was there to support Hilda ) but for more info check out the site of the exhibition _EUR8936SonnyPhotos This is a good one for my dad's practice :-) _EUR8941SonnyPhotos
Spot Hilda (she's half hiding of course ) _EUR8943SonnyPhotos
I thought these pieces were interesting, human fish _EUR8948SonnyPhotos
or fish human _EUR8949SonnyPhotos


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why sad ?

so interesting!!! it's sad that it's in belgium..


yeah was nice to see some art in this little town, nice and un-expected

keep it up


Thanks for reporting about UPCYCLE festival! Great pics! The name of the artist you forgot is Marc Janssens. The artist who made the taxidermy cat for your dad's practice is Raf Veulemans. It is still available in case your dad is really looking for some great art ;-)

Upcycled greetings from sleepy town Wakkerzeel!
Hope to see you again with your camera!

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