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21 posts from July 2010

July 28, 2010

Leaving Nice, France . . . finally

_EUR0401SonnyPhotos Evan has been given a clear bill of health so we can get back on the road again, naturally and sadly Trieste is no longer on the cards as the ITS event is well and truely over.
The drive out of France and into Spain is an awesome drive along the mountain tops looking down to the many little villages on the Mediterranean. _EUR0402SonnyPhotos And so much tomato growing going on as well _EUR0403SonnyPhotos Genova

And he's out . . .

_EUR0372SonnyPhotos Finally, Evan gets to leave hospital, minus an appendix. So we take him straight down to the water. He's not allowed to swim just yet, but can get his feet wet _EUR0363SonnyPhotos opposite side of the bay where we are staying, great spot to snorkel and have a quite lunch _EUR0391SonnyPhotos

Ville Sur Franche

_EUR0361SonnyPhotos Change to a hotel today, and Evan will join us soon, he has been cleared to leave the hospital, but the doctor does not want us to commence travel yet, so we must stay here for about 4 more days

Nice, Cote d'Azur

_EUR0308SonnyPhotos Change apartment. Being here was not part of the plan, and being here un expected in high season has been a bit of a problem in finding accommodation, but we doing ok, keep finding beach front places, even if it is only for one or two nights _EUR0346SonnyPhotos Change apartment again, but this time with a killer view _EUR0348SonnyPhotos perfect swimming for the girls _EUR0356SonnyPhotos

July 26, 2010

Faulty Appendix forcing extended stop over in Nice

_EUR0215Sonnyphotos A worried Jacqui, as it has been 2 hours since Evan has been operated on, but he is still not back in his room, when they said it would only take 45 min. And it makes it even harder when none of the nurses speak English and Jacqui's french is very limited.
Turns out Evan's appendix removal was a little more complicated, it was a biggie and as they pulled her out, she decided to burst , so there is a risk of his stomach getting an infection. So they are keeping Evan under surveillance near the operating rooms, and the problem is that this is a sterile area and public is not allowed in this area, where as Jacqui thought she would have been able to be there when they put Evan under and for when he would awake. So she is more concerned about Evan coming out of his general anesthetic and waking up in a strange environment and foreign language.
And I just turned up with the girls, so I went and had a chat with the nurses, and they are understaffed, but if went with her and helped her, I could go get him with her, so we did _EUR0212Sonnyphotos the good news is, that when Evan gets better again, at least he will have an amazing view of the beach, not only that, but he can see the planes come in to land at Nice airport ( and at times, they come in every 3 min for about an hour it seems, including all the private jets as well as commercial airlines ) This shot taken in the late afternoon as the sun sets and shadows from the apartments are cast on the beach _EUR0216Sonnyphotos Next morning, and what a view, I checked in with the girls in the first hotel I found, they only had a room available for the one night, so will be looking for another spot today, but in the meantime, as the sun slowly rises I enjoy this view. Jacqui is staying with Evan in the hospital _EUR0221Sonnyphotos a few hours later, after I went for a swim with Belle & India _EUR0228Sonnyphotos After we checked up on Jacqui and Evan and found another place to stay, we go on a little adventure to Ville Sur Franche, the next village after Nice, and just as well pull over to check out the view this little butterfly landed on India's arm _EUR0231Sonnyphotos
_EUR0234Sonnyphotos and this is the view we stopped for _EUR0236Sonnyphotos complete with cruise ship, we spotted that mini beach at the bottom there to go for a swim, but after many tiny windey roads and private roads only, plus gated roads we gave up , and went to the cape ferrat ( just out of frame on the right ) _EUR0240Sonnyphotos
under the light house of the Cape there is still 2 remnants of a bunker _EUR0246Sonnyphotos what's great about this place is that is actually a pathway along the waters edge all the way around the cape and surrounding beaches and headlands, past the multi ( and I mean multi ) million dollar villa's ( make that mansions ) _EUR0248Sonnyphotos _EUR0249Sonnyphotos we see the need for the light house _EUR0257Sonnyphotos the spot we settled on going for a swim _EUR0258Sonnyphotos the water is so deep and so clear, absolutely spewing my water camera is broke. The images of the girls snorkeling as I swam underneath them, the rays of sunlight coming through the water and the most amazing infinity of blue behind them, awesome _EUR0264Sonnyphotos
and I must say the girls are pretty brave to get out there. Ok, now back to the hospital and check up on Evan and Jacqui

July 21, 2010

On our way to Trieste, Italy, stop over in Saint-Geni├Ęs-des-Mourgues

_EUR0197Sonnyphotos awesome little restaurant in this quite little old country town, great little find _EUR0198Sonnyphotos
_EUR0202Sonnyphotos the town is surrond by farm land of course _EUR0204Sonnyphotos the girls, Evan stayed back at our chambre hotes, yes, he was starting to not feel so well, stomach pains _EUR0209Sonnyphotos our place for the night one word, charming, actually two, character _EUR0210Sonnyphotos after a few more hours driving, a quick dip in the bay of St. Tropez, that's St Tropez across the bay in the background. Just took Evan to see a doctor as the pain is getting too much, but it is Bastille Day so it is a national day so there was no ultrasound person on duty only in case of emergency and Evan was not qualifying as emergency


_EUR0192Sonnyphotos The morning we leave, I get my mum to give me a quick hair cut _EUR0195Sonnyphotos hair cut with a view

Lots of shots from our stay at Javea

_EUR0071Sonnyphotos room with a view ( that's our bed in the foreground with Jac's still lying in it ) _EUR0094Sonnyphotos
_EUR0101Sonnyphotos that just screams summer holiday doesn't it _EUR0103Sonnyphotos eating ice cream with your feet in the pool _EUR0104Sonnyphotos
_EUR0112Sonnyphotos love this shot with the kids watching the sunset from theirbalcony and reflection of the sunset and Montgo in our bedroom window _EUR0115Sonnyphotos
gekko, enjoying the view as well _EUR0122Sonnyphotos another day, another sunset. normally I would have all the fun water pics as well of us snorkelling, but my trusty water camera finally carked it ( so I guess I will be getting a new one on my next trip to B&H) _EUR0129Sonnyphotos catalan colours ? _EUR0135Sonnyphotos dinner time reading at my parents house _EUR0136Sonnyphotos sign of things to come, or just tired ? _EUR0144Sonnyphotos aaaah, dinner, and my Leentje's famous Kous Kous, this time with chicken _EUR0146Sonnyphotos then the girls do some more reading, and yes, they loved their meal _EUR0148Sonnyphotos
_EUR0158Sonnyphotos "me & my book " _EUR0159Sonnyphotos my parents place, always changing _EUR0172Sonnyphotos more sunsets _EUR0182Sonnyphotos

After Birthday breakfast, birthday dinner at El Clavo, Javea

P7090052 The gang, got to love out door dining P7090056 view from our table, you can smell the Mediterranean sea from our table P7090057 radiant birthday girl P7090059
Dr. Vandevelde P7090063 Evie Wevie P7090072 Leentje, Belle and Birthday girl ( and bottle of wine of course ) P7090073 yeah !! P7090088 birthday girl and Indie Pooh P7090092 the bloke end of the table ( serious drinkers ) P7090093 Evi P7090096 love this photo of Leentje ( artistic direction by India ) P7090098 smella P7090105 the adults P7090108 yep, the serious end of the table P7090109
P7090111 P7090116
Was a fun night, especially the kids and their mum singing an improvised kaka song on the way home

July 19, 2010

Birthday girl, turning 30 ( oh shit or is it 23 ) today

_EUR0046SonnyPhotos And what a perfect place to celebrate, Casa Noves at Guadalest, champagne breakfast for Jacqui of course _EUR0054SonnyPhotos After Yummy breakfast ( Thanks Toni ) then a visit to the Guadalest Castle we head to Tarbena for lunch at the famous Casa Pinet and now we are on our way back to the beach, down from the mountains. The mountain in the background on the sea, is our destination _EUR0062SonnyPhotos showing of some leg _EUR0067SonnyPhotos
ok, time to go , we have dinner plans