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37 posts from August 2010

August 31, 2010

Backstage Group Exhibition at QVB

Curated by new young Sydney based production agency six wolves.
On now at the QVB in Sydney, that's the Queen Victoria Building for you non australians and one of the shopping centers to go to as it is in one of the most beautifull buildings in Sydney ( after Strand Arcade )
So check it out, on till the 12th September, first reports in is that it looks great, they printed the photos really big. will post some pictures once someone sends in some shots ( Isaac ? )

August 21, 2010

360 Degrees, back at parents place

_EUR1273Sonnyphotos back in the pool at my parents place in Javea, so a full circle, well second full circle , the first one would be getting back to Hilda's place

on the ( Spanish ) road again

_EUR1260Sonnyphotos beautiful country side _EUR1254Sonnyphotos Jac's has a go at driving, yeay, she got up to 5th gear _EUR1264Sonnyphotos blue sky, open road and sunflower fields. I opted for the smaller regional roads as opposed to zooming down the freeways, figured we would get to see more this way, and I'm glad we did _EUR1266Sonnyphotos We saw that there were some heavy storms near Murcia with severe flooding ( and this is the roughly the direction we are driving ), so was wondering if we would hit the storms, but we are skirting it the whole time, and got not one drop of rain, just sunshine and great  scenery _EUR1267Sonnyphotos so no storm for us _EUR1269Sonnyphotos check the red earth ( and insect riddled windscreen ) _EUR1271Sonnyphotos we arrive safely at our destination, but next morning when we plan to go to the local markets this just rolled over _EUR1272Sonnyphotos was impressive

Riba De Santiuste, Spain ( on the road again )

_EUR1201Sonnyphotos Wake up in the morning to this view, we left our little place at Suances in the late afternoon, and drove till midnight ( we had an hour dinner break ) to arrive at this little town about 200km north east from Madrid _EUR1203Sonnyphotos very dry, but I talked to one of the local guys and he tells me they still get enough water in the winter time to survive summer _EUR1204Sonnyphotos Evan checking out the outside of the Casa Rurales we rented for the night _EUR1211Sonnyphotos and I check the details on the inside _EUR1212Sonnyphotos
_EUR1216Sonnyphotos view of the castle from bedroom window _EUR1218Sonnyphotos view of the town from the other window _EUR1219Sonnyphotos _EUR1220Sonnyphotos bedroom _EUR1224Sonnyphotos turns out we are on the Don Quijote's route _EUR1226Sonnyphotos town square with the all important water fountain _EUR1230Sonnyphotos blown away by the beauty of the surrounding countryside, but also the similarity to the Australian landscape _EUR1231Sonnyphotos Casa Rurales  ( holiday rental ) _EUR1232Sonnyphotos bridge leading to the castle, and check the contrast in colour of the landscape when it is near a water source _EUR1235Sonnyphotos what a great location _EUR1237Sonnyphotos and you could be forgiven for thinking I've snapped these pics in the outback, well, it's outback Spain _EUR1238Sonnyphotos just awesome, I need an open check book from a wealthy magazine so I can come to places like this with a team to produce some fantastic fashion images _EUR1241Sonnyphotos view of the town, with Jacqui in the foreground taking photos of the sunflowers _EUR1242Sonnyphotos closer look at the castle, although we would have liked to get up closer it was closed, plus we need to drive another 5-6 hours to our next destination _EUR1245Sonnyphotos and I love my sunflowers _EUR1247Sonnyphotos _EUR1248Sonnyphotos ok, time to hit the road

Glassed balconies at Comillas

_EUR1187SonnyPhotos Have noticed this a lot in this region, all the beautiful glass and carpentry work on the balconies, love it _EUR1188SonnyPhotos little sanding and repaint, and then I can see myself sitting there reading a good book _EUR1189SonnyPhotos
_EUR1192SonnyPhotos so pretty _EUR1193SonnyPhotos newer version _EUR1197SonnyPhotos
_EUR1199SonnyPhotos I want one :-) _EUR1200SonnyPhotos one without windows ( the odd one out ) _EUR1191SonnyPhotos tiling at the entrance of one of these typical buildings

Gaudi's El Capricho at Comillas Spain

_EUR1155SonnyPhotos the main reason we returned to this cute historical seaside village _EUR1158SonnyPhotos with beautiful iron work, it was one of Gaudi's first works, drawing this design at age 31, so clearly still early and before he really adopted his modernist approach _EUR1159SonnyPhotos
sunflower tiles, hello . . .  awesome ! ! I want :-) _EUR1160SonnyPhotos I was really impressed by the frame work on the windows, and the ceiling in every room was different, and yes, lots of details to see _EUR1166SonnyPhotos the frame work in the attic _EUR1168SonnyPhotos _EUR1169SonnyPhotos
_EUR1175SonnyPhotos gaudi chic _EUR1184SonnyPhotos

Lunch at Comillas, Spain

_EUR1135SonnyPhotos This is the same spot we were at a week ago and the tide change is astounding, here's the pic at high tide. _EUR1139SonnyPhotos I'm not quite at water level yet, and where Jacqui is sitting now, if it were high tide, she would be soaked, so it illustrates the tidal difference, so when you have surf competitions, it really would make a big difference as to the waves breaking on the sandbanks or point breaks _EUR1142SonnyPhotos woauw, so similar to Long Reef _EUR1146SonnyPhotos
_EUR1148SonnyPhotos and that's the wall the kids were standing on and got splashed by the incoming waves.
And this is the spot were I just slipped on a mossy rock and really hurt my hip to protect my camera from smashing on the rocks _EUR1152SonnyPhotos
_EUR1154SonnyPhotos Did not even know there were any rocks on this beach, as you certainly could not see it at high tide

Donkey race at Cobreces, Spain

_EUR1095SonnyPhotos On our way to Comillas, as we drove through Cobreces, there were a lot of people standing around a green paddock, so we just had to stop and investigate. _EUR1090SonnyPhotos getting ready, there was a lot of commentary going on, all in Spanish, so we did not really know what was going on, but one thing that stood out was that the donkey's kid are at their side the whole time, even during the race _EUR1096SonnyPhotos
spectators line up along the street, and an awesome blue sky day _EUR1099SonnyPhotos getting ready to go _EUR1100SonnyPhotos and they're off _EUR1103SonnyPhotos being Spain, I assumed it was just going to be an all boy's affair, but no, there is one girl in the race as well _EUR1107BSonnyPhotos oh this is so funny, there's carnage everywhere, basically this race seems to be more about entertainment for the local villagers than the actual race _EUR1111bSonnyPhotos and then you get donkeys chasing and mounting other donkeys , all to much delight of the crowd. lots of clapping and cheering _EUR1114SonnyPhotos
_EUR1125SonnyPhotos carnage on the other side as well _EUR1127bSonnyPhotos _EUR1132SonnyPhotos keen to know why the baby donkeys are in the race as well _EUR1131SonnyPhotos And the girl wins ! !

August 17, 2010

Sun is back out at Suances

_EUR1089 what I see a lot in this part of Spain is all these new developments on the outskirts of the old town, and not a lot of old people. So parcels of farm land around town redeveloped for new housing and new families. But not loving this repetitive feel to it all _EUR1054 anyway, after 3 days of rain nice to see the sun out at Los Locos beach _EUR1057 do a bit of bird watching, and damn, if this does not remind me of Warriewood beach, or even the south coast _EUR1075
The very small waves at the Suances rivermouth, and this all changes with the tides as well _EUR1081 Local _EUR1084 santa justa beach just up the road, and the chapel built into the rock

August 13, 2010

Barcena Mayor, Cantabria

_EUR1019SonnyPhotos we followed our nose inland and discovered this little historic town _EUR1023SonnyPhotos and am loving the old style of carpentry incorporating river stones in the construction of the houses _EUR1029SonnyPhotos
_EUR1038SonnyPhotos I'm always impressed by how things were built pre electricity _EUR1041SonnyPhotos there's a slight fuzziness to these pics because there was just a constant drizzle of rain today _EUR1045SonnyPhotos so they got big solid planks of wood for a wall, evenly spaced, and then filled the gaps with rocks, some rendering, and voila, you have a solid wall _EUR1026SonnyPhotos India on a walk _EUR1027SonnyPhotos and Evan _EUR1047SonnyPhotos and this area seems to be dotted with villages like this, although Barcena Mayor was at the end of a road, and from there on it was national park, where there supposedly are still some bears roaming the woods _EUR1050SonnyPhotos