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November 19, 2010

KV gets married to KV

_0OZ9137KVKVsonnyphotos Kristy Vandenberg ready to get married _0OZ9140KVKVsonnyphotos about to give away his daughter _0OZ9144KVKVsonnyphotos _0OZ9149KVKVsonnyphotos
Kenny Vandevelde waiting ( now do you get it KV & KV ) _0OZ9152KVKVsonnyphotos
_0OZ9196KVKVsonnyphotos reading of poem _0OZ9211KVKVsonnyphotos get the rings out, these two are about to tie the knot _0OZ9216KVKVsonnyphotos pledge to Coco, cute _0OZ9241KVKVsonnyphotos one down , one to go _0OZ9254KVKVsonnyphotos 2 down _0OZ9273KVKVsonnyphotos you are now mna & wife. The Kiss _0OZ9278KVKVsonnyphotos all that kissing, kids ran off to watch the frogs in the pond instead _0OZ9283KVKVsonnyphotos happy man _0OZ9302KVKVsonnyphotos all in _0OZ9331KVKVsonnyphotos
_0OZ9408KVKVsonnyphotos _0OZ9489KVKVsonnyphotos focus on the guy with the champagne :-) _0OZ9497KVKVsonnyphotos
_0OZ9533KVKVsonnyphotos _0OZ9536KVKVsonnyphotos _0OZ9567KVKVsonnyphotos Coco wooes the crowd _0OZ9579KVKVsonnyphotos _OZI4898KVKVsonnyphotos _OZI4907KVKVsonnyphotos
_OZI4916KVKVsonnyphotos _0OZ9603KVKVsonnyphotos


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