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November 21, 2010

South Australia Young Designers showcase 2010

_OZI5167Sonnyphotos The shows about to start, but the pro shows the girls how to pose/run for me and look great doing it :-)
So a little about this show , it is to showcase the South Australian designers, trying to make it in the world of fashion, so it is great that they have this platform to showcase their work, but not only that, there are judges in the crowd that will score the young designers ( Josh Goot is here, as well as Christine Centenera to do a spot of judging ) and get this, the winner gets a brand new BMW, that's just awesome ( why can't we have something like this in Sydney !!! )
So in order of appearance, the emerging designers are
Divine Madness
Yvonne Faye
Ivana & Katerina
Hayley Kate
Sainte Lucie
Julie White
Jaimie Sortino
please feel free to add comments as to which design is whos, but I believe I got the order right _OZI5170Sonnyphotos
_OZI5288Sonnyphotos _OZI5295Sonnyphotos
_OZI5360Sonnyphotos _OZI5368Sonnyphotos
_OZI5490Sonnyphotos and the winner is _OZI5493Sonnyphotos Jaimie Sortino _OZI5495Sonnyphotos congratulations Jaimie _OZI5485Sonnyphotos Jacqui took a tonne of photos as well, so check up on her blog in a few days.
Here's she's giving her feet a break outside the blue palm room
I put up a photo album on the left here, with some more photos for those interested to see some more


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