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December 28, 2010

Iek & the cockatoos ( sounds like a rock band )

PC190636sonnyphotos as you know, here at Jac's we get the odd wild life pop by, and see-ing as we just had Iekeliene over for a few days, I just had to introduce her to Cockie PC190633sonnyphotos only thing missing is the rainbow lorrikeets we usually get visiting as well PC190634sonnyphotos
PC190635sonnyphotos need the sound to get with this, very loud birds PC190637sonnyphotos :-), loving the slow shutter speed blurring the cocky in flight

A day in Sydney

PC200662sonnyphotos car interior ( leen recognise where I am ?? ) PC200665sonnyphotos me, as seen by Belle
PC200641sonnyphotos driving around looking for a pressie for Jacqui PC200679sonnyphotos after all that driving in the heat, quick late afternoon dip, and look at it, no waves, flat as a pancake PC200681sonnyphotos kids love it , when it is lake Avalon PC200682sonnyphotos time to head back home, look how deserted the beach is, day before xmas, everyone is out shopping ( plus there's no waves )

December 22, 2010

Swim just before the storm hits

PC190625sonnyphotos get back in time for an afternoon storm, but check the storm that's coming PC190621sonnyphotos the gang runss down for a swim PC190626sonnyphotos me & the girls PC190627sonnyphotos turns out this is the cold front responsible for the snow in the mountains PC190630sonnyphotos

Next location, tomato farm in warriewood

PC180614sonnyphotos just come to check it out, I saw this a while back, but never got round to shooting here PC180610sonnyphotos lovely little run down glass house ( wouldn't mind one of these myself actually ) PC180613sonnyphotos so much texture and character here PC180619sonnyphotos yep, we like it

Captain Todd

PC160599sonnyphotos So after all that shooting and flying, Todd takes a few of us out on the boat for a harbour cruise, and oh yeah, Todd you are taking me wakeboarding with this puppy !! PC160598sonnyphotos Oto & Iek, dressed more for an autumn day, than a summer's day. We been having crazy weather here, it just snowed in Thredbo, and westerly winds are keeping temps down PC160600sonnyphotos So, weather was looking a bit dubious for today, but Todd has someone looking after him, as 20 min before departure, after raining all morning and afternoon, the clouds parted and the sun came out , just as we left the marina PC160605sonnyphotos life on a boat ! PC160603sonnyphotos Brooke and Meredith from Shop Till You Drop come to enjoy the sun on the boat ride as well PC160609sonnyphotos back at the marina. ( so yeah Todd, Jacs the kids & I are ready for me to go wakeboarding naytime ok :-)

Shooting in the Park

PC150590sonnyphotos And you can't go wrong shooting Iekeliene, and look at me, shooting without flash for a change, nice, refreshing, and fun ( not to mention faster ) to shoot with just available light, I'm enjoying this PC150587sonnyphotos And we have a video crew watching our every move today, so Trav and I are talking about all the cute boys in Milan here ( :-) PC150588sonnyphotos hehehehe, in your face. But this is the future, this will be happening more & more I think PC150595sonnyphotos Christina on duty with the laptop, downloading as we go ( I don't like shooting tethered ) and we are about to wrap

December 21, 2010

Iekeliene Stange in Sydney ( finally, only been telling her for years she should visit )

_OZI7567Sonnyphotos After airport pick up we drive around for a bit as we are too early to check in to the hotel. After an hour in the car, we get some fruit and head for the park _OZI7571Sonnyphotos while we are here, I'm sourcing some locations as well for a shoot later in the week _OZI7575Sonnyphotos :-) _OZI7602Sonnyphotos bunny girl _OZI7585Sonnyphotos welcome to Australia . . .  awesomeness !

Need lunch after that

PC110515sonnyphotos so we hit the local Italian restaurant, well it was part of the local Gledswood winery ( we weren't expecting much, but it was actually quite good ) PC110519sonnyphotos Still buzzing, and have this feeling like my feet aren't really back on the ground yet :-)

Birthday flight ( or birthday roll . . .aerial roll, loop )

_OZI7464Sonnyphotos So for my birthday, Jacs & the kids managed to surprise me yet again, with a drive out to Camden Airport for a joy-flight, well, no , an aerobatic flight, last chance to see me in one piece, best take a photo as I sit in the back , strapped in tight ( Belle looks more excited than anyone ) _OZI7467Sonnyphotos Jacs ( wearing Michael Angel ) telling the pilot to make sure he brings me back :-) _MG_4804JacquiTurner The pic Jacqui just took off me, as we are ready to go
_OZI7470Sonnyphotos and we're up, never thought to visit Camden, but looks like a nice area _OZI7471Sonnyphotos and nice bush walking potential in the background there _OZI7473Sonnyphotos but that's not why we are here _OZI7474Sonnyphotos we are here to do some aerial aerobatics, woooohoooo, fun _OZI7475Sonnyphotos so for starters, he takes me into a hard left turn, so we are nearly vertical to the ground, buzzzzzzzzz !!! _OZI7476Sonnyphotos so that was just to get the feel of it, pilot tells me I just experienced a G force close to 2. So we do another one to the right this time, and he tells me to lift my hand in the middle of the turn, and yeah, your hand feels heavier , because of the G force :) _OZI7478Sonnyphotos aah shit, pilot has just passed out on me, now what do I do _OZI7479Sonnyphotos false alarm _OZI7482Sonnyphotos ok, now we go up for a full loop, and when we come out of the loop straight into a roll _OZI7486Sonnyphotos oh my, that loop was intense, and now the roll _OZI7489Sonnyphotos nearly upside down _OZI7491Sonnyphotos too cool _OZI7492Sonnyphotos look at that totally upside down _OZI7493Sonnyphotos and coming back around _OZI7496Sonnyphotos intense, thrilling, exciting, fun _OZI7498Sonnyphotos _OZI7502Sonnyphotos this is fun, and I highly recommend it _OZI7537Sonnyphotos now we go up for a "hammerhead" or "engine stall" turn _OZI7538Sonnyphotos which means going straight up _OZI7541Sonnyphotos reaching straight up for the heavens _OZI7543Sonnyphotos so we are 90 degrees and still climbing up _OZI7544Sonnyphotos and basically we keep climbing up till the _OZI7545Sonnyphotos engine starts to stall ( why does it do that ? ) and plane wants to fall back down _OZI7546Sonnyphotos does not fall backwards though _OZI7547Sonnyphotos sort of keels to one side , well, yeah , it does go backward for a few seconds at first I guess and then pilot has option of left or right :-) _OZI7548Sonnyphotos but with the sound of a spluttering engine to go with this view _OZI7549Sonnyphotos makes it all very exciting _OZI7550Sonnyphotos here we come ( wonder how fast we are falling ) _OZI7551Sonnyphotos GGGGGGGGGGGGG force babiiiiiiiiiiiieee _OZI7552Sonnyphotos just add your own roaring engine sound now !! _OZI7554Sonnyphotos well , that was fun, up there with my parachute jump Jacqui got me as a surprise pressie 2 years ago.
After this, we just flew back to base and landed, which, after these twists, loops and rolls, was rather boring so did not take any more photos.
Thanks Jacs, Girlfriend of the year !

December 16, 2010

Pub of the future, as envisioned back in 1965

thanks to be retronaut