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January 31, 2011

Dr.Denim Fashion show Stockholm Backstage


Ida Sjostedt Stockholm Fashion Show Backstage

_STM8534IdaSjostedtSonnyphotos I don't know all the Swdish models, so here we go, try to work out who is who :-) _STM8529IdaSjostedtSonnyphotos
_STM8573IdaSjostedtSonnyphotos _STM8575IdaSjostedtSonnyphotos

To all pretentious rock stars

_STM8562IdaSjostedtSonnyphotos Just saw this posted backstage at the Berns theatre
Like it

Berns Hotel Stockholm

_STM8526Sonnyphotos view from my hotel balcony this morning.
Am in town for the Stockholm Fashion Week.

Brussels > Stockholm

_CLD8492Sonnyphotos leaving foggy Belgium and of the Stockholm _CLD8493Sonnyphotos thick _CLD8494Sonnyphotos but clearing over Mechelen _CLD8497Sonnyphotos but after Antwerp ( holland ) it gets thick again _CLD8499Sonnyphotos linear configurations of fog _CLD8501Sonnyphotos and hour or so later, when the fog meets the baltic sea _CLD8502Sonnyphotos _CLD8503Sonnyphotos frosty landscape _CLD8506Sonnyphotos line of fog _CLD8508Sonnyphotos ice forming on the  sea ( so that's salt water ! ) ) _CLD8510Sonnyphotos
_CLD8511Sonnyphotos about to land IMG_0439sonnyphotos Copenhagen airport, waiting 50 odd minutes for connecting flight to Stockholm _CLD8513Sonnyphotos and we're off again. Front row, for some reason I'm sitting in first row, no complaints there. _CLD8514Sonnyphotos take off, and check this out _CLD8516Sonnyphotos bridge from Malmo, Sweden, to nowhere ( I guess they're still working on it ? ) _CLD8517Sonnyphotos further north, landscape turning whiter _CLD8520Sonnyphotos
_CLD8521Sonnyphotos nearing Stockholm _CLD8523Sonnyphotos landscapes out near Arlanda, Stockholm _CLD8524Sonnyphotos

January 26, 2011

Back In Belgium and Shadows play at Wim & Hilda's

IMG_0435sonnyphotos ( taken with phone cam )

January 25, 2011

Dior Haute Couture Backstage Paris

No, I'm not in Paris anymore, but a little birdie working hard backstage sent me this image as I was driving back to Belgium ( go the aussies ) no names mentioned hey Wil.
Naturally would have loved to cover the haute couture season, but there is, frankly, no money in it for me, considering it goes for 3 days, and in essence there are only , well, not even , a handfull of shows that the magazine editors are interested in. Economically it does not add up, . . . .unless . . .
Hey Dior, you should make me your house photographer !!
what say you
Oh, Wil, this is in no way having a go at your photo by the way
I love this photo, really do, you captured a moment there
For me, next stop Stockholm, so stay tuned


Men's Winter 2011 Collections are over

So to filter all that, take a pause to watch this interesting clip with great sounds. And then you can get back to absorbing all those fantastic clothes and work out what you want to wear ( or see your boyfriend wearing ) next Autumn winter :-)

ACNE AW 2011 Collection Paris Backstage


Thom Browne AW 2011 Collection Paris Backstage