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January 14, 2011

Lights on at Hilda & Wim's

_0OZ1645SonnyPhotos The kitchen this morning when I wake up _0OZ1646SonnyPhotos pretty lights _0OZ1648SonnyPhotos with a pretty flower _0OZ1650SonnyPhotos light on in kitchen pantry _0OZ1652SonnyPhotos light on in kitchen, why all these light pictures, well, look at the time, 8 am and it is still dark outside, crazy _0OZ1654SonnyPhotos breakfast time _0OZ1657SonnyPhotos more lights ( all made by Hilda by the way ) _0OZ1660SonnyPhotos and all the while the wood fire is on


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yes, will call you from airport in Milan with update


It's always a strange feeling seeing my house through someone else's lens.
Back tomorrow?

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