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February 22, 2011

New York New York, done for another season

P1000015sonnyphotos so some pics from the snap camera to finish off, here's me with Sonny. Sonny & Sonny, at my exhibtion opening. Sonny has an awesome mag called Mykromag, check it out I know I know, I look really wasted, but I'm not, this is just at the beginning of the night when I just got back form a show, and am super tired P1000020sonnyphotos With Joseph from Seven P1000021sonnyphotos Amanda & Tommy P1000024sonnyphotos Tommy spinning the tunes for a while P1000025sonnyphotos before retiring for the night, pop in by Tommy Ton to say hi, he's on deadline ( so am I, best I go my room as well ) P1000031sonnyphotos aaaah, my room, my comfy room, with those comfy pillows ( will have to get me some of those for when Jacs and I sit up in bed to watch a movie ) speaking off, where is Jacs, why's my bed empty, damn it.
Next time perhaps, sans les enfants P1000027sonnyphotos loving the view from the toilets at Milk Studios P1000033sonnyphotos hello sunshine P1000034sonnyphotos now here is something I did not see, home, back in my hotel room before it was totally dark. I usually make it back to the hotel pretty late after the last show. So this was refreshing :-) P1000041sonnyphotos aaaah , Bryan, looking after me :-)


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