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54 posts from March 2011

March 26, 2011

Home cooked Japanese Dinner

P1000280Sonnyphotos While I was out surfing with a pending storm rolling in, Jacqui whipped up this awesome Japanese meal P1000285Sonnyphotos
with a big dish of marinated meat ( and noodles ) P1000287Sonnyphotos that we cook ourselves on a hot plate

A change is a coming

P1000279Sonnyphotos After 4days of great waves and warm sun, a change rolls through, with just a few last rays of the setting sun hitting the bottom of storm clouds rolling in

Kids at School

P1000272Sonnyphotos Time for us to hit the beach P1000276Sonnyphotos nice deserted beach ( who's the hot chick following me )

March 24, 2011

After School Afternoon Swim

P1000243sonnyphotos Still some great waves out there, but no surfboard right now, taking the kids for a swim after a day in a warm classroom P1000245sonnyphotos let's go P1000246sonnyphotos Belle I assume is the keenest one of them all P1000247sonnyphotos

P1000253sonnyphotos The waves are too big out the back, so we are playing with the shore dumps P1000254sonnyphotos

P1000255sonnyphotos Camera + India  + model pose P1000259sonnyphotos

P1000261sonnyphotos Loving the look on Evan's face P1000262sonnyphotos




Avalon ( a place next to heaven )

P1000232sonnyphotos aaaah, back home, and the surf is pumping, solid east swell, blue skies P1000236sonnyphotos and Guy Finlay with his 800mm, snapping a few shots

Bangkok > Sydney

P1000178sonnyphotos 40 minutes later, back on the plane taxiing on the runway P1000182sonnyphotos this new watercamera I got is taking some good pics P1000184sonnyphotos nice P1000185sonnyphotos ready for take off P1000187sonnyphotos love the tropical clouds P1000189sonnyphotos


P1000196sonnyphotos nice, print please P1000199sonnyphotos

P1000202sonnyphotos woauw, loving this, swirling action on the bottom and on top, print please P1000205sonnyphotos


light fading, and still have about 7 hours plus to go P1000213sonnyphotos np spectacular sunset, bummer P1000217sonnyphotos 6-7 hours later, first light on the horizon over Sydney P1000219sonnyphotos And landed, before sunrise. So very early Sydney time, lucky for me I have the best girlfriend, as she is on her way to come pick me up ( and if you know Jacqui, she doesn't like getting up early in the morning, especially if it is still dark, so big feat )

March 23, 2011

London > Bangkok

P1000129sonnyphotos Quite a few hours later from Heathrow, as it was a n ight time departure, so now I'm guessing I'm somewhere over India P1000131sonnyphotos moon still out P1000134sonnyphotos delta P1000135sonnyphotos P1000145sonnyphotos over Asia now, tropical clouds P1000149sonnyphotos love my clouds, so bear with me P1000157sonnyphotos


P1000165sonnyphotos nearing Bangkok, and layer of smog is building P1000166sonnyphotos going down ! P1000173sonnyphotos

P1000174sonnyphotos how's that smog, never seen it like this in Bangkok

Brussels > London

P1000122sonnyphotos Belgium, land of water P1000124sonnyphotos got to love those crampy seats on short haul flights, but what gets me is how dirty they are P1000128sonnyphotos Heathrow, home of BA

Wim & Hilda's stop over enroute to Australia

P1000105sonnyphotos Love Hilda's guestroom in the attic P1000106sonnyphotos so nice to come home to after hectic Milan & Paris Fashion week P1000107sonnyphotos check out the chairs IMG_0463sonnyphotos hmmm, yum, I'm getting spoiled IMG_0464sonnyphotos seafood spread, what a feast, maybe they don't want me to leave :-) IMG_0465sonnyphotos a spread like that deserves a good glass of bubbly as an accompaniment IMG_0466sonnyphotos hmmmm, breakfast black blood sausage and white sausage, yum again IMG_0467sonnyphotos
P1000110sonnyphotos on the way to the airport now, it stopped raining and the clouds parted P1000115sonnyphotos check out all the barren trees, next time I'm here they'll all be green P1000116sonnyphotos ready to go P1000119sonnyphotos Thanks Wim & Hilda for your hospitality ( again :-)