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April 12, 2011

Sydney > Nadi, Fiji

more cloud pictures, but this time from the Canon camera ( previous post was from the snap happy camera ) That's Sydney harbour and the heads _OZI0176Sonnyphotos Northern beaches under those clouds _OZI0180Sonnyphotos central coast _OZI0183Sonnyphotos yesterdays storm now way out in sea ? _OZI0187Sonnyphotos
getting more tropical, and now it gets interesting
by the way
NO PHOTOSHOPPING in these photos, it;s a trick in the photo taking ( it involves a filter ) and these photos have not passed through any software including photoshop _OZI0190Sonnyphotos
print please _OZI0197Sonnyphotos
loving it _OZI0199Sonnyphotos
feeling pretty blessed right about now _OZI0219Sonnyphotos
print this one too please _OZI0223Sonnyphotos
breath taking, imagine this printed up big on your wall _OZI0228Sonnyphotos
_OZI0268Sonnyphotos night is falling _OZI0274Sonnyphotos
awesome _OZI0279Sonnyphotos woauw  . .  ! ! _OZI0281Sonnyphotos


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Amazing, those clouds are like little art pieces! xx

Dude, my heart went spastic looking at all of these omg.

amazing right
can you imagine these printed up big, yum


Amazingly beautiful I posted a few and linked of course to you. xxx Diane

Amazingly cool cloud photos Sonny. I think these are some of your best cloud shots so far (:

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