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59 posts from May 2011

May 31, 2011

Tedd Rall


When it comes to climate change, we have the ...


Surfing the Eisbach in Munich

Hds-2011-DE-MunichSurf_52 how awesome does this look, this is Munich in the summer time, while in sydney the heavy downpour of rain makes a deafening sound against the windows, I spot this on Hilda's blog. She did not realise there was surf happening in Munich and stumbled upon it, she probably got drawn to it by the sound of the roaring water, and this water is ice cold ( Eis = ice, bach= creek, brook Eisbach= Icy creek ) and this chic is out there with no wetsuit. Check Hilda's blogpost to see what all the guys are wearing

May 28, 2011

On a sadder note, .... Rest In Peace Gil Scott-Heron

Before I ask you to watch this clip, if you are not familiar with Gil-Scott, that's a shame, he is , to me the most important african american musician coming out of the americas.
And this particular song I ask you now to watch, and listen , and please do , out of respect for this true legend, please listen to every word that comes out of this mans brain.
I remember when Bush Junior first won stole the election, it so reminded me of this song from Gil-Scott-Heron
it still rings so true , all these years later

the above is a great live version, so hard to listen to the lyrics with that awesome bass riff, so here, below is the full 12 minute version/ R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Timmy has been busy

Here is an update on that post I did a few days ago
just monstrous waves click the link here to see the biggest shipsterns

and then he went to Fiji day after that to score, from the same swell, a perfect looking restaurants. So from full on hard core thick wetsuits as the water is so cold, to balmy boardshorts only temperature water, and all on the same swell, crazy ( again, click the link ) Restaurants
The above links don't appear to work anymore on Vimeo, so the lovely Sandrine ( Tim's wife ) has sent me the links to the above videos.
Click here for shipsterns
and here for Fiji

Iek ! Is that you ?


May 25, 2011

Winter's here

P5250006SonnyPhotos Had to go into town today, and a full southerly storm started blowing last night, low pressure system building off the coast. What does that mean  ??  that means strong southerly winds, lots of clouds rolling in with rain and the swell building P5250001SonnyPhotos so I went to ahve a look at Dee Why point, one of the few spots that would be protected from this wind and picking up some of the swell P5250002SonnyPhotos hehehe, looks better in the photos that what it really was like P5250003SonnyPhotos but for 1 pm , it is a pretty dark day today, and cold

May 24, 2011

Tedd Rall


May 22, 2011

Tim Bonython

ShipSterns So not where I would ever want to be, look at the size of the mass of water, extreme heavy impact
My friend Tim Bonython has been chasing waves to film for decades now, and this latest is a snippet of a swell he got down in Tasmania, he then followed it up the south coast of Sydney, and then followed it to Fiji, where he scored restaurants at 6 foot plus, a spot I was hoping to surf a few weeks ago

May 21, 2011

Tedd Rall Update