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June 28, 2011

Off to Spain ( short trip only )

_JAC0429sonnyphotos At Paris Orly airport , never used this airport before, and what a mess this airport is, pandemonium, just a mess, people everywhere, staff unhelpful, you know , stuff like, I don't work for Iberia so I can't tell you, basic stuff.
I'm fortunate enough to use the business counter to check in ( frequent traveller ) after I found it, no signs etc..., but just as I found it, next to massive queues , a fight broke out between 2 guys and their families, I was expecting security personnel to be all over it, but nope, even the check in staff did not bat an eye lid, I was astounded. So in a nut shell, Orly, not a recommended airport, was something more akin to a bombay train station and everyone trying to get on the train.
Even at the boarding gate, this Spanish boofhead and his 3 boofhead kids, knocked over an elderly passenger as he pushed ahead of the queue, yes, I told him off, and the elderly lady was on a business ticket, when I helped her up, I was expecting her to go into a rant about the fact she is in business etc.., but no, it was as if it was normal for her, anyway, enough ranting, let's look at some cloud pictures instead _JAC0430sonnyphotos Eifeel in the middle of Paris _JAC0434sonnyphotos
France _JAC0435sonnyphotos
_JAC0442sonnyphotos getting close to Bordeaux, and this river is close to the Atlantic coastline _JAC0446sonnyphotos
you can just make out the coastline in this photo, my guess, just north of Lacanau _JAC0453sonnyphotos storm clouds we just flew through over the Pyrenees, was bumpy and grey, so in Spain now _JAC0457sonnyphotos
_JAC0459sonnyphotos lonely cloud over a hill , close to Madrid _JAC0460sonnyphotos
_JAC0464sonnyphotos after landing in Madrid, straight onto the next plane to Valencia ( oh, yeah, that's the other thing at Orly, we sat on the plane for an over an hour, with no news from the captain as to what was actually going on, so was lucky to make my connection ) _JAC0466sonnyphotos
landscape near Valencia ( orange groves, and lots of them )


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