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August 19, 2011

Headus 3D Scanning ( a little Hollywood in the Perth Hills )

_IZO1842Sonnyphotos After our Koala experience, we are invited by Connor, from Zekka, to visit his Auntie's place Jill, in the hills of Hollywood Perth. We are greeted by Jill Smith at her charming home, _IZO1844Sonnyphotos after a quick tour of the extensive garden, including a bee hive ( yummy honey ) we are invited to the basement, where all the action happens. You see, Jill, runs a company called HEADUS which does a lot of the 3D scanning work, and special effects for movies like X-men, Wolverine, King Kong, Avatar, HellBoy 2, Matrix reloaded..etc... Here Phillip is only to happy to give us a basic rundown on how it works _IZO1847Sonnyphotos and proposes to do a 3D scan of Diane _IZO1849Sonnyphotos not only are we blown away by the technology of it all, but the speed as well. 3 scans and 5 minutes later, and we have a 3D of Diane's head, the applications now are endless. Diane bronze cast head coming to all good stores near you soon :-)


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