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August 30, 2011



August 29, 2011

B.A. Lounge Heathrow

P8290491Sonnyphotos Another airport lounge, another shower, trying to stay fresh, have a busy week and need to hit the ground running so to speak P8290489Sonnyphotos View from a quiter corner in the lounge P8290490Sonnyphotos just waiting to board to BXL now

Singapore > London

P8290474Sonnyphotos about 9 hours into the flight, slight lightness appearing on the horizon, but this camera still only registering darkness P8290476Sonnyphotos about an hour later, nice colours P8290477Sonnyphotos
P8290478Sonnyphotos let's get the other camera out _EUR4089Sonnyphotos
_EUR4090Sonnyphotos I think we are nearing Poland _EUR4094Sonnyphotos
_EUR4100Sonnyphotos loving the colour in those clouds
_EUR4103Sonnyphotos in flight map screen says I'm on top of Amsterdam _EUR4104Sonnyphotos crossing the channel _EUR4105Sonnyphotos descending into London P8290481Sonnyphotos


P8290485Sonnyphotos Landed

August 28, 2011

Singapore stop

P8290473Sonnyphotos It's 11pm, and all you'll get to see is the shower I'm about to have before boarding to London

Sydney > Singapore

P8280461Sonnyphotos And we're off, that's Sydney on a sunny sunday afternoon P8280462Sonnyphotos great view, but not the best photo ( took them with instamatic ) P8280463Sonnyphotos Gladesville Bridge in the middle there P8280464Sonnyphotos nearing the Blue Mountains P8280465Sonnyphotos the fertile grounds around Londonderry P8280466Sonnyphotos crossing the Blue Mountains P8280467Sonnyphotos an hour later, country NSW P8280468Sonnyphotos
P8280469Sonnyphotos must be in the middle of Australia by now P8280470Sonnyphotos and getting darker P8280471Sonnyphotos

P8280472Sonnyphotos that's it for now, rest of flight in darkness to Singapore

Thinking about New York right now

NYC like the folks over at F.U.V.M.

Qantas Lounge Sydney International

P8280456Sonnyphotos View of the airbus 380 from the lounge, the plane that is about to take me to London P8280458Sonnyphotos I think Qantas has about 6 380's, I first thought it was only 2, so got excited when I saw these 2 380's, one going to Los Angeles and mine to London P8280459Sonnyphotos Apparently the Wallabies did great last night P8280460Sonnyphotos Ok, waiting to board now, see you in Europe

After School day walk with the kids

P8240427Sonnyphotos I wanted all of us to go for a walk, so Evan wanted to show me a spot in thedunes at Avalon beach, which he thinks is a pretty good spot, and he's right, never seen the beach from this angle before, nice spot to see the sunrise in summer, might have to come back here again P8240428Sonnyphotos imagine living here :-) P8240429Sonnyphotos we keep walking along the beach , as th eplan is to meet Jacqui in the car park at the south end headland P8240430Sonnyphotos view from South headland P8240431Sonnyphotos waiting for Jacqui, the girls want to check the cliff edge, didn't take me long to yell at them to get back, don't like them at the edge on their own P8240432Sonnyphotos
P8240434Sonnyphotos Even though Evan is a responsible one, still not liking it, come on guys come back P8240435Sonnyphotos Dinner is on its way P8240436Sonnyphotos Jacqui is getting dinner, and we plan to eat it here, why not P8240450Sonnyphotos She's Australia, Fish 'n' Chips at the beach P8240451Sonnyphotos

Matt Shoots Sonny

Matts Matt gets his back after I shot him :-)

August 24, 2011

9 Trends for German Women's Magazine

WH 0211 Style Trends01
Editorial that has just come out for Women's Health mag in Germany, nice to see they put some more fashion in their magazine as well WH 0211 Style Trends02
Shot At Karen Walker show NYC, March 2011 Autumn Winter 2011-12 WH 0211 Style Trends03 Thakoon WH 0211 Style Trends04 Lanvin WH 0211 Style Trends05 Anna Sui WH 0211 Style Trends06 Tsumori Chisato WH 0211 Style Trends07 Prada WH 0211 Style Trends08 Lanvin WH 0211 Style Trends09 Gucci WH 0211 Style Trends10 Jil Sander