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November 13, 2011

Damir Doma SS12 Fashion show Paris Backstage

MFW_1167DamirDomaSonnyphotosKatlin Aas and Jade Jackson MFW_1180DamirDomaSonnyphotosIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEKK !!!  :-) MFW_1198DamirDomaSonnyphotosKatlin and Suzie Bird MFW_1206DamirDomaSonnyphotosYulia Lobova & Martyna Budna MFW_1210DamirDomaSonnyphotosSojourner Morrell MFW_1222DamirDomaSonnyphotosGrace Bol, Ajak Deng & Ataui Deng MFW_1236DamirDomaSonnyphotosDaiane Conterato MFW_1238DamirDomaSonnyphotosLiu Xu MFW_1245DamirDomaSonnyphotosDemspey Stewart MFW_1259DamirDomaSonnyphotosIekeliene Stange MFW_1289DamirDomaSonnyphotosLili Ji & Liu Wen MFW_1327DamirDomaSonnyphotosSimona Andrejic MFW_1353DamirDomaSonnyphotosAmanda Nimmo MFW_1379DamirDomaSonnyphotosLiu Xu


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Oh my god Liu HAHA

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